Meet My Good Friend Random

Imagine my surprise and utter delight when I realized the weather bozos forecasters weren't just yanking my chain about an approaching cold front.
The temperature reading on the way to school Monday morning. Bliss.
And yes, here in south Texas anything that causes a drop in the life sucking humidity and lowers the temperatures below 90 is considered a cold front.
Even if it only appears briefly in the mornings and vanishes after lunch, I'll work with that.
It's felt wonderful.
Yesterday I even opened the windows.
For a brief moment today I considered asking Scott to get the fall stuff down from the attic. I don't know what has come over me. I'm blaming the (cough) cold front.
After not painting my nails for years I am fully embracing this indulgence. Last week, if you remember, I tried Sally Hansen's Complete Manicure in Commander in Chic and I liked it. A lot. This week I upped the ante. After clipping and shaping my nails super short I swooshed on two coats of Midnight in NY which is deep black with a hint of blue and a dash of glitter.
Be still my heart, I am in love.
With a nail polish.
I don't know what has come over me.
I'm blaming the (cough) cold front.
Yesterday morning as I scrambled an egg for Annelise's breakfast, I told her I wouldn't send a hard boiled egg for her lunch that day. A look of relief crossed her face and she said good because then maybe her friends would sit with her at lunch since she wouldn't have a stinky egg.
I packed one for her lunch today.
She wants me to send tuna fish salad for her lunch tomorrow.
I don't know how her fellow first graders with their sensitive noses will handle that.
Did I tell you I started letting Hermie the Crab crawl around one side of our kitchen sink at least once a day? That way he gets exercise and I don't have to worry about losing him or Sadie eating him.
Not that I'm lazy or anything, ahem, but some days I can not face the ordeal of shampooing, blow-drying and flat ironing my hair. It's just too much to do every. single. day. I play this little game with myself where I see how many days I can stretch it. In between shampoos I fluff it with the blowdryer and when things get dire I sprinkle some baby powder on the bad parts before fluffing it. I hope y'all still have a modicum of respect for me.
After finishing Mockingjay the over the weekend I jumped right into the mystery The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (the author of The Woman in White which is a wonderful read). I can tell I'm really going to like it, but it requires a little more focus to read since those Victorian authors were so wordy.
Needless to say it was quite difficult to achieve the necessary focus in the dance waiting room yesterday. Maybe I'll start waiting in my car, if the fall weather holds.
Have you heard of Mindy Gledhill?
I hadn't until I read about her on a few sundry blogs of those in the know of all things hip and happening. This discovery quickly led to me downloading her most recent album called Anchor and I've been playing it almost continuously since.
She is delightful.

And she makes me want to ride a motorcycle while wearing butterfly wings.
Just a little.
I'm blaming the (cough) cold front.
What's random in your world?


  1. Here's a peek into my random:

    I had no idea Texas could be so lovely! I've been living in my new boyfriend cardigan for the last few days. There isn't anything better.

    I'm wondering how families survive on one income. With our impending move, I'll have to quit my job probably sooner than later and am having a heart attack about losing that chunk of change, even though I'm sure we'll be fine (especially considering we won't be paying living expenses AND getting per diem).

    My friend just asked me if I knew the scoop about the newest (old) bachelor and I had to admit I didn't know a thing. Something is terribly wrong with me, I ALWAYS know the latest about the bachelor (and all other reality shows for that matter).

  2. Who's been wearing a sweater for two days!? Yep, that's me.

  3. I'm giddy for your 64 degree morning! I have been loving our cool nights and mornings so much.

    What no photo of your Midnight in NY nails?

    Did you end up liking Mockingjay? I really liked The Woman in White so maybe I should give The Moonstone a whirl too.

    I've heard of Mindy Gledhill (she's Utah royalty) but don't have any of her albums. I liked the song in the video though, so perhaps I should investigate further.

  4. Anne: I know! Your life is about to change in such a huge--but exciting way. I'm sure the one income thing will balance out esp. since y'all will get per diem and other living expenses.

    I don't know anything about The Bachelor either--but I'm sure I could fill you in on plenty of other TV shows. :)

    Rochelle: I wish we were at sweater weather already. Maybe it'll be here soon? Enjoy yours!

    Jill: I liked Mockingjay but probably not as much as the first two.

  5. Holly, I know-- I am so excited that all week the high here has been 86!

  6. oh those Victorian authors...my latest reads were Hunchback of Notre Dame (I actually skipped sections!) and Ivanhoe. Now am reading Jane Eyre at my daughter's request (misery loves company she says!)

    she also took a boiled egg for lunch, will have to see if the teen friends call it stinky (she won't take gold fish, or too strongly flavored chips as they make her breath stinky)

  7. I'm trying not to be green with envy over your cold front. We are supposed to break a record with 107 degrees today. I'm not happy about it.

    I am also loving that Mindy Gledhill album! My girls just love it, too, so it's been our car soundtrack lately.


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