The Power of Goth Toes

I made a bold decision this morning as I pondered polish choices for my looooong overdue pedicure. Would I stay safe with my status quo Cajun Shrimp (the perfect coral pink by OPI) or would I take a chance (can you hear the Abba playing in my head, if you change your mind...takeachance, takeachance...) and try out a popular trend?

I threw caution to the wind and grabbed a color called Prima Donna (perfect name for me, no?) which is a cross between deep purple and black. I don't know if I'm cool enough to pull if off on my fingernails like some do, but I actually do like it on my toes. What say ye?
Y'all know I live in flip flops pretty much year round (y'all should know that). I have had the same three pairs for, oh, four or five years, and while they are comfy as all get out, they are not exactly cute. They are also looking a little ratty.

My new corpse goth toes deserve cute, don't you think? Yes, yes they do.

Today, along with going goth, I have also gone bling (see above photo) thanks to the blingy-ness and comfy-ness found in a yellow box. I never knew you could have both; thanks to Yellow Box shoes you can.

This new found knowledge combined with the obssessive gene I was born with could be dangerous. And expensive.

I was on such a high thanks to my pedi, brow/lip/chin (yes, even that, welcome to life as a 40+ year old woman) wax, and blingy goth feet I called Scott to see if he wanted to take me to lunch.

Because I'm just subtle like that.

He ix-nayed my Bombay Tadka and Cuisine of India suggestions (I think he's scared of the unknown) but agreed to give Gengis Grill a try. It's a stir-fry place where you pick your proteins, spices, veggies, sauces and such and then they cook it. I wanted to take pictures of the whole process but a.) it was peak lunch time b.) I got busy filling my bowl and 3.) I think my picture taking was making Scott antsy. It was mildly disturbing to choose from so much raw meat in a salad bar format but I managed to get a little beef, chicken, pork, scallops, shrimp and tofu (just a couple pieces of each).
We've never been to a place like that, since we're basically boring and usually eat at the same places all. the. time. but I credit my goth toes for today's step outside the restaurant box. We both really liked it and will definitely go back, though not with Annelise (I don't think the attempt would be worth the possible drama). The only bleh thing was the fact it's a pretty small place and everyone sits really, really close to each other. A rather large group of coworkers was seated next to us and not only did we unwillingly hear their entire conversation (she's having her back yard re-done and apparently the process is a nightmare), I had the most difficult time willing myself not to stare at the man that was with them (and my not-staring staring was probably obvious). But my eyes kept being drawn to his shiny, chemically peeled, treated skin complete with overly alert eyes, and coordinated outfit, I just couldn't help myself. It was like Porter Wagner crossed with Liberace and not in a good way.

On a complete goth toed whim, before meeting Scott for lunch, I popped in this little bakery to get us each a cupcake (one carrot cake, one red velvet).

Aren't I sweet?

Well, I guess true sweetness would have involved me buying one only for him and denying myself the treat.

But have you met me?

All through lunch he kept asking what was in the box (like 50 times) and I waited until the bitter end to show him and let him choose his cupcake (carrot cake).

Aren't I sweet?
I'm blaming my goth toes.
Have you worn dark, trendy polish? Have you heard of Yellow Box shoes? Spontaneous Sidenote: Scott actually expected my new shoes to be yellow. Would you have been intimidated by all of that raw meat too? What's your favorite flavor of cupcake?


  1. Good for you for trying some different polish! I am consistently boring when it comes to toe polish.

    And I hear you with the chin wax, sister. I never even knew that was a necessity until I was 33 or 34.

  2. Have you seen my toes lately? We must be on the same wave length! ha! I am loving my toes....and yours are great, too! Looks good on you and your new flippies are too cute.

    Glad you had a great day!

  3. I rarely branch out when it comes to my nail polish colors because whenever I do I end up being disappointed. I think you're brave to go Goth with yours. I've decided I'm pretty much a hot pink toes kind of gal.

    The raw meat thing would gross me out.

    Lately I've been feeling like I have a blond beard of sorts and it's driving me crazy. I don't want to have to wax everything!

  4. LOVE the goth toes.....I currently have a very fall-ish dark brown by Essie (and I feel great about that cause Pioneer Woman was talking about a shade much like mine the other day;) I think I go with every shade of the rainbow for my tootsies! :)
    Yellow Box.....ahhh, we love them! Guess what? G has 2 pair...yes they make them for kiddos, so Miss A needs some too! (unless she is not a flip flop kinda gal....G is like you, that is all she wants to wear!) My MIL gave me a pair for Mother's Day and I wore them to Disneyworld...took some other shoes incase and ended up wearing them the ENTIRE trip...says a lot for those shoes! :)
    Red Velvet is G's favorite cupcake. I really like a white cake with a homemade caramel-y icing...there is a quaint little shop in Franklin that I have "hired" to do mini cakes for G's Birthday and they have one that is "Southern salted caramel"...oh me. I need to try that....
    Sorry I rambled here, doll....I guess I gots me talkin' britches on this morning!
    Now....go put on your black lipstick with those cute goth toes! ;)

  5. i embraced the dark polish this year! i rock Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in "Black Platinum" on my fingernails!! LOVE IT!

    blingy flip flops for the win!!

  6. I love all your questions at the end of posts.

    I have my toes currently wearing Plum Luck by Sally Hansen. It is also a very dark purple. I don't think I like it on me though.

    I love your bling and will be checking out Yellow Box Shoes now.

    I have not tried Ghengis Grill. We tried a local bbq joint tonight and it was awful. And way too expensive.

  7. Oh and I cannot choose one favorite cupcake flavor. I would have wanted half of each of the ones you got.


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