BOO in Photo Review

Our Halloween was extra, super-duper low-key (some would even say lame) this year because we hadn't planned on being here.
Thank goodness our SuperGirl didn't seem to mind!
She was just thrilled to don her costume and take part in Trunk or Treat after church tonight.
I'm not sure why we started this but it has become a tradition for us to go to Dairy Queen on Halloween night. We normally get ice cream, because you can never have too much sugar on Halloween, but tonight we just ate supper. We are so fancy.
Guess who took our order?
Did you know that super heroes get their power from Dairy Queen? Well, maybe not, but it was still yummy.
I hope your Halloween was BOO-riffic!!


Houston, We Are (No) Go for Launch

I had planned this post in my brain a few days ago so I could tell y'all about the exciting trip Scott and I were about to embark upon.

Sans kidlet.
I was going to tell y'all how our bags were packed, Annelise was scheduled to be spoiled by her grandparents for a few days and Scott and I were flying the friendly skies to Florida to see the next to the last space shuttle launch.
Which is kind of a big deal since Scott has worked in the aerospace industry for almost 25 years and has never seen a launch live.
And, sadly, there are only two or three launches left.
Our plans may have also included a visit to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios.
We found out yesterday that the launch, originally scheduled for Monday, November 1 was bumped to Tuesday, November 2.
We were still optimistic.
This morning, when we heard that the launch had been delayed until Wednesday, we feared the last nail had been drilled into our vacation coffin. Wednesday was the day we were coming home. Scott made frantic phone calls to Southwest to see about changing our return flight and then almost passed out when he heard how much it would cost. We tried to keep our plans on life-support and talked about possible options, all of which added to our expenses (like a LOT) and pushed our trip from a three day jaunt to almost a full week (Thursday flights were all sold out) with no guarantee we would even see Discovery launch (there is a launch window until Sunday). Scott swallowed the bitter pill of acceptance and started making cancellation phone calls.
It. wasn't. pretty.
Later today Scott came to terms with his grief (pretty much) and started making plans for the next launch in the spring.
Fingers crossed we are go for launch then.


What I Wore Wednesday {Vol.4}

Shall we take a peek at some of the outfits I wore this past week for another edition of What I Wore Wednesday, the fun linky party hosted by Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy?
Um...yes, please.
However, I feel must warn you about a few things first:
*I have a rather broad definition of what constitutes an outfit (almost anything other than the t-shirt I slept in & jeans).
*I almost always wear neutrals, comfy jeans and either flips or flats.
*I can't seem to take a photo without either popping up one knee or putting one arm on my hip, or both in an effort to...well, I don't know, maybe create an interesting angle or distract the eye from certain, ahem, areas.
*I tend to use words like drape-y.
*Things that I really like I tend to wear, like, a lot LOT.
Anyhoo, here we go...
Grey knit drape-y jacket: Marshall's
Embroidered yellow tank: Forever 21
Grey cami-tank: Target
Jeans: Target
Necklace: Sam Moon
Closer look at the necklace and my bicep (please ignore the tricep, thank you)
I get to wear my tap shoes for my beginner's tap class every Thursday night. There's something so fun (and noisy) about wearing tap shoes!
Grey tuxedo top: DownEast Basics
Black cami-tank: Target
Grey knit jacket (again, see I didn't fib about re-wearing what I like): Marshall's
Green drape-y tank: Marshall's
Grey cami-tank: Target
Yellow necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: Target
my Yellow Box zebra flips: Cavender's Boot City
After all of your kind encouragement last week (thanks ever so much), I decided to embrace the legging again. Other than the fact that I decided to do it without consulting the weather forecast before layering up and our fake fall temps soared into the upper 80s, everything was fine as long as I stayed in the AC as much as possible.
Black drape-y cardigan: Forever 21
Grey dress: Target
Burgundy cami-tank: Target
Capri leggings: Target (are you sensing a pattern?)
Silver necklace: Kohl's
Black & silver bracelets: Sam Moon
Zebra ballet flats: Target
As silly as this might sound, taking part in Lindsey's WIWW challenge these past four weeks has really made a difference in how I approach more (I can't say most since Tuesday I looked exactly the same, as in unshowered and scruffy, when I picked Annelise up from school as when I dropped her her off that morning, except I added lip gloss) of my days and it's helping me to be more intentional and purposeful knowing that I'll be taking a photo of myself several days a week. It's also a fun way to get a little fashion inspiration and motivation from ladies all over the country (and Canada!) to step out of a fashion rut, which we all get into from time to time. But I'm not ready to break-up with my jeans and flip-flops anytime soon either.
So tell me, what are you wearing these days?


This, That & The Plague

Over the weekend we drove north (west? I'm not so good with the directions) to meet Scott's brother Ron, sister Karen and brother-in-law Bill at the Galleria since it's somewhat in the middle(ish) between all of us. Okay, not really, but there's yummy food, shopping (for SUCKAS like me), and ice skating year round.
Annelise didn't want anything to do with the ice skating, other than just watch it, since she's a rollerskating girl at her core, but she was rather fascinated by the trampoline-bungee-jumping thing. After watching several other kids try it, girding up her courage and forking over $7.00 for a three minute session she gave it a whirl. Or a bounce. Tentatively at first then with a bit more verve.
Of course, since she's seven, she declared it awesome and wanted to do it again and again, but we, the meanies, said no.
By the time we got home that evening Scott was not feeling so perky. He spent most of Sunday on the couch in the throes of a raging fever and football (on TV). I didn't really know if the fever was raging, but if you asked him he'd tell you it was. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not the most sympathetic nurse, at least when it comes to nursing grown-ups. I occasionally push the ibuprofen and the Gatorade but that's about it.
I'm probably more of a Nurse Ratched than a Florence Nightingale.
Thank goodness we don't have a 7-foot tall, mute, pillow-smothering, Native American living with us.
Scott spent most of Monday morning at the doctor's office getting all sorts of tests, an x-ray, a heavy duty antibiotic shot to his posterior that he is still talking about and a prescription for more antibiotics. Oh, and doctor's orders to stay home and rest for a few days.
Turns out he has pneumonia.
I guess I believe him now.

P.S. It was strange to come home from taking Annelise to school this morning and see him watching the Today show.
P.P.S. Annelise and I are keeping our distance as best we can and I'm dispensing Lysol, Clorox wipes and anti-bacterial gel like Nurse Ratched dispensed anti-psychotics and lithium.
P.P.P.S. I hope I don't fly over the cuckoo's nest.


SUCKA Must Have Been Written on My Forehead

I should not go into Sephora unsupervised.
I know this, I promise I do, but I often break my own rules for the sake of potential beauty.
While at The Galleria, otherwise known as shopping nirvana in the Houston area, I decided to pop in Sephora to check out Smashbox foundation because I'd heard raves about it. My motives were pure, I just wanted a peek, my visit promised to be brief. Scott and Annelise made a beeline for a fishtank (?) and I made a beeline in pursuit of flawless skin.
As I stood in front of the Smashbox display, pondering switching from the lightweight Bare Minerals makeup I have worn for the past two years to a primer and cream to powder foundation applied with a brush (?) for supposed airbrushed perfection, I heard a voice ask me if I needed any assistance.
I replied that I did and told her my interest in Smashbox.
Looking back I think I saw dollar signs light up behind her pupils.
Before you could say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my hiney was perched in a chair at the entrance to the store and she was wiping off my existing *face* so she could apply the Smashbox to one side and another miracle she recommended, Stila One Step to the other.
I quickly realized I had fallen into a Stila lair and Smashbox didn't really stand a chance.
Short story longer, I soon had a face full of Stila product and found myself numbly nodding as she pulled selections from the shelf to fill my basket.
At that moment the brushed on foundation felt light and looked natural. The lip stain she applied was more pink than I normally wear but she encouraged me to try something new, so I did. There may have also been a palette of eyeshadow that walked out with me too. Did I really think I'd wear bright blue eyeshadow? No. But she told me how fun it would be to experiment with all of the colors, so... I bought it. I think I heard a small voice whisper SUCKA.
I am a weak woman easily distracted by color and glitter.
I walked out of the store, still somewhat in a daze, and stumbled upon my people who had almost given up on me.
By the time we got home my face was feeling, um...heavy. I applied some powder and felt even heavier. I refreshed my lipstain and gloss and cringed at the bright pinkness of my lips. I felt like I was wearing a waxy mask and began to suffer strong pangs of buyer's remorse.
What had I done? Why did I listen to That Stila Woman (no offense)? What am I really going to do with 32 different eye shadows? I don't have time to paint on my foundation with a brush every morning...who does that anyway?
I was not happy.
Then I took a closer look at my receipt and noticed Sephora's broad return policy.
Obi-One Kanobi, it was my only hope.
I explained my mission to my people to see if they wanted to accompany me, since they are such good sports (and there's a Build-A Bear directly opposite our Sephora) they agreed.
I explained my woes to the girl behind the counter, telling her I truly was a Bare Minerals girl at heart and didn't like the feeling of Stila after all (no offense), that I did open the lip stain, gloss and eye palette but not the other items and was hoping I could return at least what I hadn't opened.
Then she uttered a magical sentence, "It's all right, would you like to exchange ALL of these items for something you would use?"
Um, yes please.
I picked out a new Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and Skin RevverUpper, along with two new Buxom (I know!) lip crayons and glosses, because it's my personal motto that a girl can never have enough lip gloss, and I got a refund for the rest. The girls at Sephora were very helpful and didn't make me feel guilty for changing my mind (even after trying some of the product) over an impulse purchase barely five hours earlier.
I hope the SUCKA on my forehead has finally faded.

Have you ever been talked into buying a beauty product you were unsure about? Have you ever tried a foundation that you apply with a brush? Do you ever get makeovers at department stores or Sephora? (I'm not opposed to them but I'll definitely be more careful in the future)


Five for Friday

1. Railroad crossing, watch out for the cars, can you spell that without any Rs? My grandfather, Archie, always got a kick out of tricking me with that riddle when I was little. Now I'll have teach it to Annelise. I was stopped by a train yesterday so I practiced patience by taking pictures with my iPhone. Annelise practiced impatience by begging to play on my phone, begging which was ignored by me. She settled for looking at the graffiti on the train cars. I liked that green car since it was a splash of my favorite color in a long line of oatmeal and rust.

2. I had a moment of crisis yesterday when I feared my beloved Keurig, my one fresh cup of java at a time miracle machine, was on the fritz. After fiddling with a few things and punching a few buttons stubbornly, I performed my magic trick. I unplugged it, counted to 30, whispered a prayer, threw salt over my shoulder and plugged it back in. Glory be, it worked! I don't know why that worked but it did. They, and I mean the helpful they in India, usually tell you to try that when you have computer/DVR emergencies, so why not a coffee maker. I like to think unplugging it resets the magic fairies inside.
3. Seeing Annelise at the back door with filthy hands in her chapel uniform and shouldering her backpack cracked me up, so of course I had to take a picture. That's just so her. She is reading up a storm (love), perfecting her running jump rope skills, digging math and practicing for the upcoming spelling bee. Life as a first grader is good.

4. I broke down and bought a hot air popcorn popper the other day so we will stop eating all the oils and chemicals in the microwave packets. Annelise thought this was the coolest thing EVER (she's seven, she says that a lot) and promptly perched herself on the counter to watch the action.
At first taste she was disappointed but once I sprinkled some sea salt and dabbled some melted butter (hey, at least it's real butter) she was fully converted to the awesomeness of the hot air popcorn. We sat down to nibble together, sharing a bowl, while she worked on some homework. There may have also been a few M&Ms because you've got to have salty and sweet, can I get an amen?
Maybe it's my Only Child syndrome flaring up, but next time I'm getting my own bowl because I just can't share with Annelise again. Imagine the handfuls of popcorn being shoved in her mouth, the licking of fingers, the immediate return of the licked fingers into the community bowl to burrow for M&Ms, etc. Ugh! I kept gently encouraging nagging her to use her napkin, but it was pretty much a lost cause. Next time, separate bowls is the way to go.

5. I had my third tap class last night, which was fun. We warmed up, practiced the steps we've learned and then started to learn a routine to Ray Charles' "Hit the Road, Jack" (love Ray). The teacher, Miss Jane, broke each segment down and we would work on it and then right before class was over we went through the whole thing with the music a couple of times. Miss Jane was very encouraging, however whenever she looked in my direction I think I detected a look a pity on her face.
I am such a white girl in my tap shoes.

Happy Friday my friends!


Intention Schmention

At 41 I am quite familiar with my strengths and my weaknesses. I am also quite familiar how I allow my weaknesses to get in the way of my strengths.
And I hate that.
I allow perfectionism and procrastination to win over good enough and action.
And I hate that.
Intentions rarely come to fruition.
And I hate that.
Recent evidence: Instead of using store bought cards for Annelise to write her thank-you notes for birthday presents, I intended to make them using my stamping supplies. But I didn't. I also considered taking pictures of Annelise with each gift and then either including it in the card or making a photo card. But I didn't. Time kept rolling along and I started feeling guiltier and guiltier, but I still didn't make the cards or use ones I had on hand.
And I hate that.
The other day I couldn't stand the guilt for one more minute. I let Annelise pick which ready-made cards she wanted to use, fortified her with popcorn and had her get busy writing, which she happily did. Soon her notes were ready to be mailed, an embarrassing month later.
Why didn't we (and I know it's me) just do that in the first place so her gratitude was expressed promptly instead of tardily? Why do I let perfectionism and procrastination win?
I don't know.
And I hate that.
But I'm working on it.


What I Wore Wednesday {Vol.3}

Can you believe it's time for another installment of What I Wore Wednesday?
I'm sure you've been waiting anxiously, perched on the edge of your seat to see what I've been wearing lately.
(What? You mean you haven't been? That's perfectly all right, we can still be friends.)
Without further ado...
White top & tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Chunky necklace & bracelet: Kohl's
(Annelise wanted to participate in WIWW too)
Charcoal grey top: Kohl's
White tank: Old Navy
Pink cardigan: Target
Posies: The Pleated Poppy (shh...don't tell, but one is a posy pin and the other is a posy hair clip)
Weekender jeans: Old Navy
Yellow Box flip-flops: local shop
Why yes, those are Annelise's legs poking out behind me, it seems one or two of her Zhu-Zhus were making a break for freedom and she had to stop them right that very minute.
Okay, this next outfit is outside my normal fashion box, but I am trying to embrace the legging/dress/tunic look. Even though I must confess I have not worn leggings since 1993 and was rather relieved to let them fade away into the fashion sunset then.
But they are back.
And even though I'm 41, I think they look cute with dresses, long tunics, sweaters, etc.
But I might be wrong.
Feel free to stage an intervention.
Grey dress: Kohl's
Black cami-tank: Old Navy
Black drape-y cardigan: Forever 21
Black leggings: Old Navy
Chunky red necklace & bracelet: Kohl's
Red ballet flats: Payless
Olive green top: Downeast Basics
Grey cami-tank: Target
Beige flutter cardigan: Downeast Basics
Jeans: Target
Necklace: Sam Moon
Bronze buckle flats: Payless
Since fall in south Texas is a fickle tease, I only wore the cardigan for about 15 minutes before I feared heat exhaustion would set in.
In the spirit of full disclosure I must show you what I wore for 80% of Tuesday:
You're welcome.
Apparently I could not be bothered to tuck my t-shirt in completely, thinking a corner would suffice. And I'll also tell you that this downward camera angle is my favorite because it's so misleading and distorted. I'd feel much better about the whole legging dilemma if this angle were really true.
Also, you might want to know...
*I'm still a fan of greys and neutrals, comfortable clothes, splashes of color, flip-flops almost year round and distressed jeans.
*Leggings: friend or foe? (my jury is still out)
*I'm really jonesing for leopard print ballet flats and yellow ballet flats. I can't explain why.
*I can't wait to wear cute scarves without fear of heat stroke.

Be sure to visit The Pleated Poppy to see what other ladies/stay-at-home-mamas are wearing in this week's WIWW linky party.


Sheet Folding Flunkies Unite!

As one gets older and stashes more life experiences under one's belt, one realizes that certain things don't matter. One might also begin to accept the fact that there are certain things that one will never be able to do.
For me, it's folding sheets.
Especially that particular demon known as a fitted sheet.
I used to dream of having a perfectly stocked linen closet with sheet sets and towels folded neatly, where I could open the doors whenever the urge struck and gain instant satisfaction from the order and abundance contained within.
But bless my heart, I could never fold a fitted sheet to make it resemble anything close to a square, or any other geometric shape other than a blob. And even though math is not my strong suit, I don't think a blob qualifies as a geometric shape.
I tried. I did, I did. I even watched video tutorials and read how Martha (I mean her staff) folds sheets.
But I am a sheet-folding-flunkie.
And I am A-OK with that.
Now I take sheets off the bed(s), launder them (well, the machines do that part, thank goodness), and put them right back on the bed. No stressful folding required.
It's rather nice.
Because I'm curious, some would say nosy, I'm wondering what y'all do. When you change your sheets do you actually change them from a folded supply of clean ones or do you subscribe to my lazy time and sanity saving method of washing and remaking the bed with the same set? Do tell.
I might not be able to sleep until I find out.


Date Night

Saturday evening Scott and I got ourselves minimally gussied up and went out on a little date. I know! This all came to pass after Annelise, the persuasive and persistent child that we know and love, invited herself over for a sleepover at Pappo and Grandma's house.
She's so subtle.
After eating delicious fajitas at Lupe Tortilla (which has now earned a spot in our Tex-Mex rotation) we made our way to Cinemark to see the new movie RED.
I am a sucker for spy movies.
Plus seeing Helen Mirren wielding a machine gun was priceless. She does everything with class. Bruce Willis was actually somewhat low-key and not all Die Hard-y, so it was highly enjoyable. Mary-Louise Parker was quirky and adorable, John Malkovich always plays the best lunatics and Morgan Freeman rounded out their ragtag spy team perfectly. Scott and I always rate movies on whether they are full theater price worthy, matinee worthy or wait for the DVD worthy. We both agreed it was worth the full price, though we would have certainly caught the matinee if we could have.
When we arrived at the theater Scott immediately began to stress when he saw the lines in front of the ticket windows.
It's so romantic to be dropped off in front of the theater while your husband parks the car so you won't risk missing the previews.
As I bypassed the long lines and stepped inside to wait my brief turn at the automatic ticket thingies I wondered why more people don't use them. Why do they feel obligated to stand in a line outside, in all forms of weather, to purchase tickets from a disgruntled teenager mumbling through a plastic hole? I waited for one other couple to buy their tickets before it was my turn and I had our tickets in my hot little hands by the time Scott came in. We had plenty of time to find seats and see the previews.
It makes or breaks a marriage.
Seen any good movies lately? Do you feel all is lost if you miss the previews? Do you use the automatic ticket thingie or buy your tickets outside the theater?


Sweet Potato Pancakes

I must confess I am not a pancake and waffle mom.
Unless of course said pancakes and waffles come from the freezer section.
Then I discovered Bruces's Sweet Potato Pancake mix (thanks to the lady behind me in HEB unloading lots of healthy food onto the conveyor belt next to my friends Ben & Jerry.)
This morning I asked my people if anyone wanted a sweet potato pancake and my people firmly declined.
Not to be deterred, I stayed the course, heated my skillet, added water, poured the batter and prepared to flip my pancake.
I felt so Holly Homemaker.
Except I almost burned the first one.
Obviously there is a pancake learning curve.
After my root vegetable creations were sitting on their plate, dusted not-so-lightly with powdered sugar, my little person wandered in to investigate.
And conduct a taste taste (note missing pancake portion in above photo).
And then politely ask for her own sweet potato pancake because they were the best things she had ever tasted.
And then ask if I could make them for her before school too.
I guess I will be a pancake mom after all.
But only if they are sweet potato pancakes.

Have you ever eaten sweet potato pancakes? Would a griddle make for a better pancake experience? (I only have a skillet) Do you make pancakes often?


What I Wore Wednesday {Vol. 2}

Are you ready for another riveting edition of What I Wore Wednesday? Good. Grab a mug of your favorite hot beverage (or cold, whatever makes you happy) and let's get started.
On first glance a post like this might seem superficial since I'm documenting the different outfits (and I use that term loosely for some of them) I wore over the past week, maybe on some levels it is. However, shallow as it may seem, putting a little effort into my outward appearance each day, at least for part of it, makes for a better day and a better me. It just does. Blah breeds blah and frumpy is as frumpy does.
I know, I am profound.
Annelise snapped a couple of pics as we were leaving the library Thursday afternoon. Since she's quite shorter than I am, we had to document my outfit across two photos:
Cocoa brown elbow sleeve t-shirt: Target
Charcoal grey ruffly asymmetrical tank: TJ Maxx
Mustard yellow Bob Makowsky bag: TJ Maxx
Silver necklace: Kohl's
Distressed boyfriend jeans: Target (warning: I wear these ALL the time, sorry if you get sick of seeing them)
Bling-y Yellow Box flip flops: Adelaide's (local boutique)
I must confess that Friday I didn't really get myself together until late afternoon, but at least I didn't give up all together, right?
Yellow floral top : Old Navy
Grey drape-y cardigan: Forever 21
Extra large silver hoop earrings: Target (I worry about losing a lobe sometime)
Those same boyfriend jeans and same blingy flips. Are we still friends?
Friday was a special, special day because that was the day the mailman brought a box filled with handmade cuteness from Jessica at Allora Handmade. If you are a fan of unique, handmade accessories you must check out her shop!! After emitting a high pitched squeal, I immediately clasped this grey fabric flower beauty around my neck.
Let's take a closer look, shall we...
Since we don't have a full length mirror I am still trying various approaches to document my outfit each day. Saturday I snapped a headless self-portrait. Not sure this should be repeated.
Grey & white shirt: Forever 21
Grey cami tank: Target
Black & white (and sparkly thread!) drape-y vest: Forever 21
And we know the rest ( I promise I do wash them fairly regularly)
Sunday was church and then lunch at a dear friend's house.
Pink sherbet cardigan: Target ($4.98 on clearance!!)
White t-shirt: Target
Grey knit skirt: Old Navy
Flower necklace: Allora Handmade
Zebra ballet flats: Target
Monday was a low-key around the house day with laundry and the artful arranging of fake gourds, leaves and jack-o-lantern plates. I managed to shower and throw on something semi-presentable approximately 20 minutes before picking up Annelise for dance.
Blouse: TJ Maxx
This could have used a necklace, but alas, I was lazy.
Do you really wonder what I'm wearing on my bottom half? I think you know.
Tuesday morning was filled with coffee with girlfriends and Ladies' Bible study.
Black ruffle neck shirt: Target
Burgundy cami-tank: Target
Black & white vest (again): Forever 21
And so forth...
Camera strap: Shey B
So to recap:
*I wore the same jeans and flip flops almost every day. Nice.
*I am overly infatuated with basic neutral colors and drape-y cardigans.
*I am a creature of habit and always shop at the same handful of stores.
*I need to buy a full length mirror.
And no, the irony that there is no actual Wednesday outfit documented for WIWW is not lost on me.
Be sure to visit The Pleated Poppy to see what other women/stay-at-home-mommas are wearing lately instead of gnarly t-shirts and yoga pants (not that there's anything wrong with those, just not every day).
What have you been wearing lately?
Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


10.10.10 Plus Two

I'm always late to notice cool number combinations, then even later to do anything with them. Like the year when you turn the age of your birthday is supposed to be so cool, or lucky. I don't think my 22nd year was that remarkable. Or when 1999 turned over into 2000 and Y2K. I think I gave more thought to the day last month when everything aligned just so and we lived 90210 for a day. (Can you believe we were so obsessed with Brenda/Brandon/Luke/Kelly/Donna? You were, weren't you?)
So, yes, I saw facebook statuses (statusi?) and tweets announcing another cool number combo: 10.10.10, I thought, "Hmm...neat," and went on about my day.
And now here I am two days later using it in my title.
Because I'm just hip and current like that.
Anyhoo...Scott's brother, Ron, came over Saturday for a visit. We've had a hard time pinning down a date ever since Annelise's birthday what with colds, and plans and school friend birthday parties, so we were glad it finally worked out. He came bearing gifts for Annelise, which were, of course eagerly received. Along with two Beverly Cleary Ramona books, he gave her a great set of pink Tinkertoys. She has been in creative building heaven ever since!

The weather was BE-YOO-Ti-ful Saturday so we spent most of the day outside. They played soccer, Frisbee, and rode bikes while I watched from the swing in the shade and gave meager moral support. Annelise loved hearing stories about these two when they were growing up.
(My blog cuts the right side of my photos off, sorry Scott.)
We took a break for a yummy Tex-Mex lunch, then a yummy pumpkin dessert (that I'm still salivating over) later while we watched A&M lose. All in all though it was a fun day.

After church Sunday we went over to one of Annelise's bible class teacher's house for lunch. Mrs. Kim and Mrs. D. are the BEST bible class teachers and they not only teach the children in creative ways they go above and beyond with fun *extras* that the kids really enjoy. All of the kids and their parents were invited over for lunch and the kids got to make and eat their own pizza. Do you think Annelise had fun?
She is the only girl but can definitely hold her own with the other boys in the first grade. The parents were treated to pizza too (Little Caesar's) and enjoyed chatting with the other moms and dads. It was great!

I finally broke down yesterday and decorated the house for Halloween/general fall.
It's back to 95 degrees.
I'd show you a picture but everything is basically the same as I have done in years past because I am boring and set in my ways. However, I did spell out BOO! with my scrabble letters.
So there's that.
It turns out that I can not scramble eggs, pack a lunch and get Annelise to school all within 15 minutes of getting out of bed.
Good to know.
I only had one cup of coffee today.
Granted, it was a vanilla latte from Starbucks so it probably packed more punch than my regular jo'.
I gave in to a sudden creative urge today and had to make an emergency run to Hobby Lobby. As I was walking out, clutching my plastic sack of goodies, I gave myself a pep talk along the lines that I would really finish something this time, not get distracted and not add these upcoming projects to my unfinished craft graveyard (which, sadly, is quite large).
I'll keep you posted.
So that brings 10.10.10 up to date with 10.12.10.

Goodnight. Drive safe. Be sure to tip your waitress on your way out.


Five for Friday

1. We've had a lovely week of fall-esque weather between the hours of 6:00-10:30 am and anytime after 7:00 pm.
So I bought a small pumpkin.
But that $2.97 purchase, as well as adding my fall foliage to our front door hanging basket thingie, is as far as I've gone with regards to fall decorating.
Aren't you jealous?

2. Did you know I am a tap dancer?
Well, not yet, since I haven't really tapped since the Bicentennial and my mom's frosty blue eyeshadow was in style. But I plan to be a tap dancer again. I'm taking a beginner tap class once a week to prepare to dance with Annelise in the Mother-Daughter routine at her recital in the spring. On stage. In a costume. In front of an audience. Gulp.
Yesterday I bought a pair of ladies high heel tap shoes and felt the excitement of starting something new.
Then I almost passed out when it came time to pay. I've been hanging on to my little punch card that the dance store gave me (Annelise gets her shoes there) so I was thrilled when the girl punched the rest of that card, gave me a new one and told me I was saving $10. They were still $47.00!! Seriously.

Last night was the first class so I buckled up my tap shoes and tried to swallow my fear. We practiced flap ball changes, shuffle hop steps, shuffle leaps and then the flap, pop, brush, heel, toe, heel step. There was some sweating. It was fun. Annelise couldn't wait to hear (and see) what I learned, I'm so glad she can help me. What I lack in musicality I hope I can make up for with spirit and a smile.

3. Annelise wrote her letter of apology to her teacher about the incident. I thought she might complain about having to do it but she was highly agreeable (lingering effects of guilt and humiliation, you think?), so that was good. I really appreciated all of your comments, thoughts and advice about that whole situation. It's true, parenting is not for weenies.
4. Okay, please don't slap me but I'm going to talk about nail polish one more time. I guess after not wearing it for so long I'm easily entertained. Today I popped into CVS, which is a store that really annoys me because of their misguided concept of organization and their annoying little red cards that are supposed to save you money, and I really don't want to mess with another card, I just want to buy what I need at a reasonable price and get on with my life. So, no, I don't shop there often. This morning it was closest and I was lazy.

Of course had to walk by their selection of polish by my new BFF, Sally Hansen. For some reason Navy Baby spoke to me and I could not resist her charms.
Yes, it's alarmingly close to Midnight in NY, but there's no glitter and it's much more blue instead of black.
Good, I'm glad we could clear that up.
I also came this close to buying an air popcorn popper at CVS.
I don't know why.
I decided to wait.

5. After this week's disturbing Grilled Cheesus episode I think we're finally breaking up with Glee. I know I've said that before but then I'd always give it one more week and then another. It seems like they have a few *safe* episodes then throw in a raunchy, boundary stretching one or two, then back off for a while and then repeat the manipulative pattern. This week's show was a different level of offensive though. So that's that. I'm going to try not to miss the music, Mr. Shue, Sue and the whole gang.

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!
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