10.10.10 Plus Two

I'm always late to notice cool number combinations, then even later to do anything with them. Like the year when you turn the age of your birthday is supposed to be so cool, or lucky. I don't think my 22nd year was that remarkable. Or when 1999 turned over into 2000 and Y2K. I think I gave more thought to the day last month when everything aligned just so and we lived 90210 for a day. (Can you believe we were so obsessed with Brenda/Brandon/Luke/Kelly/Donna? You were, weren't you?)
So, yes, I saw facebook statuses (statusi?) and tweets announcing another cool number combo: 10.10.10, I thought, "Hmm...neat," and went on about my day.
And now here I am two days later using it in my title.
Because I'm just hip and current like that.
Anyhoo...Scott's brother, Ron, came over Saturday for a visit. We've had a hard time pinning down a date ever since Annelise's birthday what with colds, and plans and school friend birthday parties, so we were glad it finally worked out. He came bearing gifts for Annelise, which were, of course eagerly received. Along with two Beverly Cleary Ramona books, he gave her a great set of pink Tinkertoys. She has been in creative building heaven ever since!

The weather was BE-YOO-Ti-ful Saturday so we spent most of the day outside. They played soccer, Frisbee, and rode bikes while I watched from the swing in the shade and gave meager moral support. Annelise loved hearing stories about these two when they were growing up.
(My blog cuts the right side of my photos off, sorry Scott.)
We took a break for a yummy Tex-Mex lunch, then a yummy pumpkin dessert (that I'm still salivating over) later while we watched A&M lose. All in all though it was a fun day.

After church Sunday we went over to one of Annelise's bible class teacher's house for lunch. Mrs. Kim and Mrs. D. are the BEST bible class teachers and they not only teach the children in creative ways they go above and beyond with fun *extras* that the kids really enjoy. All of the kids and their parents were invited over for lunch and the kids got to make and eat their own pizza. Do you think Annelise had fun?
She is the only girl but can definitely hold her own with the other boys in the first grade. The parents were treated to pizza too (Little Caesar's) and enjoyed chatting with the other moms and dads. It was great!

I finally broke down yesterday and decorated the house for Halloween/general fall.
It's back to 95 degrees.
I'd show you a picture but everything is basically the same as I have done in years past because I am boring and set in my ways. However, I did spell out BOO! with my scrabble letters.
So there's that.
It turns out that I can not scramble eggs, pack a lunch and get Annelise to school all within 15 minutes of getting out of bed.
Good to know.
I only had one cup of coffee today.
Granted, it was a vanilla latte from Starbucks so it probably packed more punch than my regular jo'.
I gave in to a sudden creative urge today and had to make an emergency run to Hobby Lobby. As I was walking out, clutching my plastic sack of goodies, I gave myself a pep talk along the lines that I would really finish something this time, not get distracted and not add these upcoming projects to my unfinished craft graveyard (which, sadly, is quite large).
I'll keep you posted.
So that brings 10.10.10 up to date with 10.12.10.

Goodnight. Drive safe. Be sure to tip your waitress on your way out.


  1. I watch original 90210 reruns on the Soap network.

  2. I never notice cool date situations until someone points them out to me.

    I'm so glad you're getting some better weather and can spend time outside. Today is glorious, sunny and 68! We haven't decorated for Fall/Halloween yet and I'm bugged because every year I think I'll do it early enough, but then always end up doing it like 2 weeks before Halloween! Apparently it's hard for me to get that done (I blame the kids wanting to be here.)

    We have a new Hobby Lobby which is still 20 minutes from my house, but way closer than the other one I've only been to twice. I'm excited.


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