BOO in Photo Review

Our Halloween was extra, super-duper low-key (some would even say lame) this year because we hadn't planned on being here.
Thank goodness our SuperGirl didn't seem to mind!
She was just thrilled to don her costume and take part in Trunk or Treat after church tonight.
I'm not sure why we started this but it has become a tradition for us to go to Dairy Queen on Halloween night. We normally get ice cream, because you can never have too much sugar on Halloween, but tonight we just ate supper. We are so fancy.
Guess who took our order?
Did you know that super heroes get their power from Dairy Queen? Well, maybe not, but it was still yummy.
I hope your Halloween was BOO-riffic!!


  1. I used to love DQ, but the one here in town always disappoints. What a fun tradition though. We always go to my in-laws after trick-or-treating, and last night we watched the Rangers in the World Series, which would be a great tradition! ;)

  2. Cute! I love it that she posed with the DQ guy!

  3. hey, A. could have hung out with my super heros!

    Too cute!


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