Houston, We Are (No) Go for Launch

I had planned this post in my brain a few days ago so I could tell y'all about the exciting trip Scott and I were about to embark upon.

Sans kidlet.
I was going to tell y'all how our bags were packed, Annelise was scheduled to be spoiled by her grandparents for a few days and Scott and I were flying the friendly skies to Florida to see the next to the last space shuttle launch.
Which is kind of a big deal since Scott has worked in the aerospace industry for almost 25 years and has never seen a launch live.
And, sadly, there are only two or three launches left.
Our plans may have also included a visit to Harry Potter world at Universal Studios.
We found out yesterday that the launch, originally scheduled for Monday, November 1 was bumped to Tuesday, November 2.
We were still optimistic.
This morning, when we heard that the launch had been delayed until Wednesday, we feared the last nail had been drilled into our vacation coffin. Wednesday was the day we were coming home. Scott made frantic phone calls to Southwest to see about changing our return flight and then almost passed out when he heard how much it would cost. We tried to keep our plans on life-support and talked about possible options, all of which added to our expenses (like a LOT) and pushed our trip from a three day jaunt to almost a full week (Thursday flights were all sold out) with no guarantee we would even see Discovery launch (there is a launch window until Sunday). Scott swallowed the bitter pill of acceptance and started making cancellation phone calls.
It. wasn't. pretty.
Later today Scott came to terms with his grief (pretty much) and started making plans for the next launch in the spring.
Fingers crossed we are go for launch then.


  1. Ugh, that is a bitter pill to swallow indeed. Hope things work out perfectly for next time.

  2. sorry about your canceled vaca, that stinks! i found your blog on what i wore at the pleated poppy and you are hilarious!! and we're both texas girlies ;)

  3. OUCH! I'm so so sorry to hear that. How depressing. Seriously.

  4. What a bummer! If it makes you feel any better (which it won't because this is plain dumb) Kim cancelled our trip to San Francisco for NEXT APRIL because one of those bomb packages was headed there last week.

  5. Oh no! Seeing a launch can be tricky as they get rescheduled all the time. We have been in the Daytona area for a few of the laumches and have seen them in a distance. I am sure it would be so special for Scott to be to see one up close. I hope the spring one works out for you!

  6. Oh how disappointing (and crushing) for you guys. I'm sorry. Such disappointment is hard to shake off.


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