One Thing Leads to Another

Song names for blog titles. I am a fan.
Again, I am bringing you the random.
I hope you won't hold it against me.
And may I tell you that I can not type that phrase without singing that double entendre country song by the Bellamy Brothers from the 80s. You know the one.
My grandmother, Sue, who got all in a tither over Hank Williams' song "If You've Got the Money Honey (I've Got the Time)" would not be happy that I listened to that song back in the day. Or most music in general. This was a lady who had the Time-Life LP sets of Hi-a-wa-yin music (think Don Ho, which also makes me think of when the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii and there was that scary spider) and old time-y gospel.
Clearly I am getting off topic.
Is anyone else in shock that today is October 1st? On one hand this knowledge makes me happy because it means cooler weather (eventually) and lots of fun fall-ish activities; on the other hand it makes me cringe because it means time is zooming by, like it does, and before I can blink Christmas will be here and then twenty-ten will be over and we'll have to write 2011 on our checks.
If anyone still writes checks. I do. Occasionally. When Annelise was barely toddling I ordered new checks in a Sesame Street design and because I like to stock up on certain items I ordered 4 boxes. Of course I forgot how popular using debit cards was becoming and how writing checks was quickly becoming a thing of the past. Annelise could be in high school before I run out.
We have early release today (1pm) so they (we) can have parent-teacher conferences. Progress reports came home earlier this week and while pleased with the report I found myself staring at it while wondering how can this be? Annelise just started first grade yesterday.
Time. It waits for no one.
Frankenpuppy is healing nicely and looking at her is no longer so disturbing. Her hair is even starting to stubble across her bare spot. Her stitches can come out next week. The best news, which maybe I should have led with, is that the vet called yesterday and the growth (it's a tumah, said in my best Arnold voice) is not cancerous. Yay! Of course we told Sadie and she was so relieved. Or maybe she just wanted to play ball. It's hard to tell.
Annelise has another school friend birthday party to go to this weekend, so we must shop for a present. Last week she gave a crafty type present of a friendship bracelet kit along with a book (an American Girl book). It didn't go over very well. The birthday girl had just opened several Barbie/plastic toy horse type toys and then opened Annelise's gift. She was of course polite, but it was the way she quickly passed it over to her mom that spoke volumes. One of the little girls actually said, loudly, "A book? Who'd give you a book for your birthday?"
I really wanted to hide.
But here's the thing, I don't like to give toys as presents if I can help it. I like to give more creative things or games. Legos fall in the creative category. I also don't like to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a school friend gift. $15-$20 is it. She gets invited to lots of school friend parties and we have to have a realistic limit. Unless it's someone Annelise is better friends with of course. I can't help but think that some parents spend more in order to impress the birthday kid's parents and the other parents in attendance.
But maybe that's just me.
Since it's Friday which means it's time for the weekend I'll close so you can get on along with all your fabulous weekend things. But first I must tell you about the cute cowboy guy I briefly (very briefly) dated in college. It was brief for lots of reasons, but the fact that in a letter he wrote me he spelled weekend, w-e-a-k-end, as in have a low-energy, little-strength end to the week, pretty much doomed our blossoming courtship. Now I can't type weekend without thinking about that.
I'll leave you with this quirky and catchy video that I swiped from Annie's blog to get your weekend going. Enjoy!


  1. I don't do toys as gifts either usually. If I have enough notice I oreder personalized stationery or stickers from Doodlebugs, or we do books often too. Last week Luci went to a party and gave the girl cloth napkins that we ordered on Etsy. I like the idea of handmade + environmentally friendly. You can guess how well the napkins as a b'day gift for a 10 year old went over, oh well.

  2. We never spend more than $10 for kids' birthday gifts and parents never attend kids' birthday parties (unless it's family) so this is foreign to me. I think your creative gift ideas are good, and will probably be the ones the kids end up playing with and using more later.

    That video was crazy! It was like Lord of the Dance with their hands!

  3. WEIRD video, it made me laugh. I was slightly distracted by the striped prison shirt, though.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That video made me laugh so hard I think I wet me pants. What in the world? How do you decide to do that? I am thinking it should be an Olympic Event? LOL! They are serious.

    Don't fret over the present. Whatever you get is great. I love books as a gift for Macy. Some kids!!!!

  5. I guess it could be "me pants" but what I really wanted to say was "my pants". :) I don't want you to associate that with me forever like some cowboy boyfriend? LOL Have a great weakend, friend. :)

  6. what?? I LOVE to give books for birthdays and christmas and sometimes will throw in a creative or active gift too! thankfully annelise has better taste! :)

  7. I would like to exchange links with your site marathonbird.blogspot.com
    Is this possible?


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