Sheet Folding Flunkies Unite!

As one gets older and stashes more life experiences under one's belt, one realizes that certain things don't matter. One might also begin to accept the fact that there are certain things that one will never be able to do.
For me, it's folding sheets.
Especially that particular demon known as a fitted sheet.
I used to dream of having a perfectly stocked linen closet with sheet sets and towels folded neatly, where I could open the doors whenever the urge struck and gain instant satisfaction from the order and abundance contained within.
But bless my heart, I could never fold a fitted sheet to make it resemble anything close to a square, or any other geometric shape other than a blob. And even though math is not my strong suit, I don't think a blob qualifies as a geometric shape.
I tried. I did, I did. I even watched video tutorials and read how Martha (I mean her staff) folds sheets.
But I am a sheet-folding-flunkie.
And I am A-OK with that.
Now I take sheets off the bed(s), launder them (well, the machines do that part, thank goodness), and put them right back on the bed. No stressful folding required.
It's rather nice.
Because I'm curious, some would say nosy, I'm wondering what y'all do. When you change your sheets do you actually change them from a folded supply of clean ones or do you subscribe to my lazy time and sanity saving method of washing and remaking the bed with the same set? Do tell.
I might not be able to sleep until I find out.


  1. I can't have you going around sleep deprived! I have spare sheets that are, in theory, to be used while I wash the other set. What usually, well always, happens is that I wash the sheets and put them back on the bed. No folding necessary - which is good because I can't fold either.

  2. yet another way we are alike...;)

  3. I actually do fold my sheets and put the previously folded sheets on the bed. I like my way of folding the fitted sheets, but I think the finished product is somewhere between the blob and the geometric shape! maybe I'll make my own tutorial! HA! ;)

  4. I'm with you, I wash the ones we're using and put them right back on the bed!

    I hate fighting/folding sheets, plus we don't have a lot of storage space so this method works well for me.

  5. I use a "folded" one from the closet. I like to mix the look up a little bit, that's why.

    I use the term folded loosely. pun intended.

  6. I forgot to say that another reason I do things the way I do is because I think we only have one set of king size sheets (though there might be a misplaced set upstairs). Why do king sheets have to be soooo crazy expensive?!?!

    I'm feeling better knowing I'm not the only one that flunked at sheet folding! :)

    And those that do fold...I still love ya!

  7. I'm a total flunkie, too. If I didn't put my sheets on the bed as soon as they came out of the dryer, they'd be in a basket all week.

  8. I do fold my flat sheets, and "fold" my fitted sheets and am OCD about changing the sheets exactly every Saturday {never Friday or Sunday} unless called for, of course. I'm also OCD about rotating through the 4 or 5 sets I have so clean ones go on before the dirty ones are washed. BUT! I rarely make my bed in the mornings so there you have it. And pfffffttt to the OCD. I am crazy.

  9. Cute outfits! Love all the jewelry especially the red pieces! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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