What I Wore Wednesday {Volume 1}

This morning, after a short drive and 2.5 hours having colored dye and bleach artistically applied to my hairs, then having said hairs carefully cut with precision, blown dry and flat-ironed by expert hands I emerged a new person.
Well, not really. I am, of course, the same person, with basically the same hair style as earlier this year, but I felt new.

And that's always fun.
In honor of fall I went back to a deeper brown with those peek-a-boo highlights.

It's quite brown. Like I'm in a state of shock brown. But I will adjust. I think.

There are more layers and even bangs in the front, so that's fun. My hair gets so thick that it tends to move as a unit instead of individual strands, so I'm giddy about the layers.

It obviously does not take much to make me giddy.

The back is bobbed, but look, it's longer, fuller and not cut so severe. Maybe in three years or so I can do a ponytail?
A fresh haircut and style, even if it's the same ol' style, shallow as it may sound, is so invigorating and worth every penny. Now if only I could bribe my lady to make regular house calls...

I haven't been making much of an effort lately to get myself together every day, kind of stuck in a frumpy rut. Unfortunately, at least for me, I easily let the frumps take over and it affects my overall mood and daily routine. BLAH! BLECH! In an effort to break that habit and present a better self to the world I am pledging to get myself presentable and stylish most days (baby steps, people). Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy hosts a weekly link-up called What I Wore Wednesday that showcases other ladies/stay at home moms' efforts to break out of sweatpants and t-shirts. They usually take pictures throughout the week and then write a WIWW post.

I love this idea!

So I'm going to play along.

Except today is already Wednesday and I can only document one outfit. Please bear with me. Plus we don't have a full length mirror, so I had to break it up. Again, please bear with me.
Black open front cardigan: Target
Grey tank with flowers: Old Navy
White Tank: Old Navy
Camera Strap: Shey B
Ham Hock Upper Arms: No exercise + copious amounts of junk food
Boyfriend jeans: Target (today I went for one wide cuff instead of rolled because I was feeling feisty)
Yellow Box Zebra Flips: Cavender's Boot City (I know!)

Wanna join me as I fight the frump and document my progress? Let me know if you do a WIWW post and I'll pop over to give you a knuckle bump. Or a high five. Or we can raise our coffee mugs together in cheers. Either way, it'll be fun!

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Your hair looks great, definitely sassy. I love getting my hair done even though it's always a variation of the same thing; I always feel like I lost weight and am more presentable when I walk out of the salon...I'm overdue to go and am battling some wiry grays these days.

    I always think of you as dressing stylishly, so I don't understand your references to frump.

  2. Great hair and your are funny! Thanks for stopping by Crafting In the Closet!


  3. I love your hair-so cute!

    And I love your flipflops- in fact, I have the same pair. Yellow Box rocks!

    And I also love your lipstick. What color and brand is it?

  4. I love the new hair cut!! And I love the WIWW idea! I will check out that site. Might even add my own WIWW pic. :) You are so cutting edge!!

  5. cute, cute, cute! I want to participate in this carnival too as I go out there and shop for some new stuff. It's really scary to me, though, since I lack serious fashion sense. But that's why I read blogs right :)

    I love your new do...you can so pull off those highlights. I love your style!

  6. Shannon: I'm wearing a lipstain from MAC called Modern Mocha and then a few dabs of MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam VI. Tonight though I went back to my favorite neutral MAC lipstick Blankety and Viva Glam V lipglass over it. I think with the new darker hair color I should stick with neutral lips.

    My eyes glaze over and my pulse quickens whenever I walk within 20 feet of a MAC counter. It's a sickness. A lovely sickness.

  7. Jill: I think my frumpy state has been both outward and inward. Some days I would get myself together but more often than not I was staying in the t-shirt I slept in and jeans, no make-up, shower optional. A huge factor in all of this I know has been my lack of exercise these last few months and an icky diet.

    So, I'm hoping to pull myself out of all of THAT. :)

    Thanks y'all so much for your kind words about my new *do* and outfit.

  8. Holly-

    The hair looks great. I love hearing about all things clothes, nails, and make up. You inspired me to try some new polish last week. I tried Sally Hansen petal to the metal. A blueish silver.

    Fighting the frump here too. I have been trying to go to the gym. I have been three days this week and am so sore! :) Yummy Mummy

  9. holly, you and your hair are way cute. I want your whole outfit, please. :)

    I'm totally doing WIWW next week because I am in that rut, too. (a bracelet is my feeble attempt.)

  10. gorgeous as always. you will never look frumpy if you just come stand by me! MOST of the time I can't bring myself to do my hair and especially make up! it's so much work!! but I am trying to get out of my workout clothes and do something-whatever that means!

  11. Hi stopping over from Pleated Poppy. I love your hair! It makes me want to chop my hair short!!! A very cute outfit as well, those flip flops are ah-mazing! :)

  12. Lovin' the hair. And that WIWW idea is almost enough to make me start blogging again.


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