What I Wore Wednesday {Vol. 2}

Are you ready for another riveting edition of What I Wore Wednesday? Good. Grab a mug of your favorite hot beverage (or cold, whatever makes you happy) and let's get started.
On first glance a post like this might seem superficial since I'm documenting the different outfits (and I use that term loosely for some of them) I wore over the past week, maybe on some levels it is. However, shallow as it may seem, putting a little effort into my outward appearance each day, at least for part of it, makes for a better day and a better me. It just does. Blah breeds blah and frumpy is as frumpy does.
I know, I am profound.
Annelise snapped a couple of pics as we were leaving the library Thursday afternoon. Since she's quite shorter than I am, we had to document my outfit across two photos:
Cocoa brown elbow sleeve t-shirt: Target
Charcoal grey ruffly asymmetrical tank: TJ Maxx
Mustard yellow Bob Makowsky bag: TJ Maxx
Silver necklace: Kohl's
Distressed boyfriend jeans: Target (warning: I wear these ALL the time, sorry if you get sick of seeing them)
Bling-y Yellow Box flip flops: Adelaide's (local boutique)
I must confess that Friday I didn't really get myself together until late afternoon, but at least I didn't give up all together, right?
Yellow floral top : Old Navy
Grey drape-y cardigan: Forever 21
Extra large silver hoop earrings: Target (I worry about losing a lobe sometime)
Those same boyfriend jeans and same blingy flips. Are we still friends?
Friday was a special, special day because that was the day the mailman brought a box filled with handmade cuteness from Jessica at Allora Handmade. If you are a fan of unique, handmade accessories you must check out her shop!! After emitting a high pitched squeal, I immediately clasped this grey fabric flower beauty around my neck.
Let's take a closer look, shall we...
Since we don't have a full length mirror I am still trying various approaches to document my outfit each day. Saturday I snapped a headless self-portrait. Not sure this should be repeated.
Grey & white shirt: Forever 21
Grey cami tank: Target
Black & white (and sparkly thread!) drape-y vest: Forever 21
And we know the rest ( I promise I do wash them fairly regularly)
Sunday was church and then lunch at a dear friend's house.
Pink sherbet cardigan: Target ($4.98 on clearance!!)
White t-shirt: Target
Grey knit skirt: Old Navy
Flower necklace: Allora Handmade
Zebra ballet flats: Target
Monday was a low-key around the house day with laundry and the artful arranging of fake gourds, leaves and jack-o-lantern plates. I managed to shower and throw on something semi-presentable approximately 20 minutes before picking up Annelise for dance.
Blouse: TJ Maxx
This could have used a necklace, but alas, I was lazy.
Do you really wonder what I'm wearing on my bottom half? I think you know.
Tuesday morning was filled with coffee with girlfriends and Ladies' Bible study.
Black ruffle neck shirt: Target
Burgundy cami-tank: Target
Black & white vest (again): Forever 21
And so forth...
Camera strap: Shey B
So to recap:
*I wore the same jeans and flip flops almost every day. Nice.
*I am overly infatuated with basic neutral colors and drape-y cardigans.
*I am a creature of habit and always shop at the same handful of stores.
*I need to buy a full length mirror.
And no, the irony that there is no actual Wednesday outfit documented for WIWW is not lost on me.
Be sure to visit The Pleated Poppy to see what other women/stay-at-home-mommas are wearing lately instead of gnarly t-shirts and yoga pants (not that there's anything wrong with those, just not every day).
What have you been wearing lately?
Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


  1. LOVE your outfits...and those zebra shoes are the bomb!


  2. HI, I found your blog thru Stephanie over at built to last. I LOVE your grey rose necklace and just ordered a bracelet as a birthday gift for a friend. Thanks for the tip. I love buying the homemade. (by the way, your headless shot made me laugh)

  3. I must get the zebra flats! You are a super cute and super funny Mom. I want to be your friend :)

  4. You are darling and inspiring. Wish we could go shopping together. My clothes need serious "oomph"!

  5. It's official you are NOT allowed to use the word frumpy in regard to yourself ever again! I'm serious. It's insulting to those of us who are actually frumpy!

    It's very sad for me to realize that none of my clothes constitute "an outfit". I'm realizing that my attire is basically coverage. I gotta change this.

  6. Visiting from WIWW. Super cute outfits & love those zebra flats!

  7. Found you from The Pleated Poppy...Oh...I have SO much to say! I hope I don't sound too stalker-ish.

    I L-O-V-E your style. I would gladly wear any one of these outfits.

    You sense of humor? ROCKS. I was *really* hoping you lived near me so we could go grab coffee. {See, stalker-y. Sorry.}

    I have that same silver necklace from Kohl's.

    I saw those zebra shoes at Target, and am ashamed to say that I laughed at them. But now, seeing them on feet, they are the cutest things I've ever seen. Shame on me.

    I've added you to my reader so I can stalk, I mean read, more.

  8. I love Jill's comment. She took the words right out of my mouth!

  9. Love you style!!! So cute! :)

  10. i love your outfits...and your sense of humor! :)
    and your zebra flats! hmm, you'd think we all shop at the same stores or something! haha

  11. love, love your hair! not what you were featuring, I know, but seriously!

    thanks for stopping by my blog - adding yours to my list right now! :)

  12. My first visit in WAAAAYY too long (bad friend), and you gave me a complex!!!!

    I am too frumpy to be your friend.

    I do have those same zebra flats, though. They just don't look the same with my frumpy outfits.


  13. hi Holly,

    I want to wear your panties.

    Love Timmy.


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