Apparently I Can't Be Bothered To Give This Post a Clever Title

You know those posts that flow together seamlessly with lots of clever asides and engaging narrative?
This one won't be like that.
Yet I still feel the urge to jot a few things down.
In one crevice of my mind I have been pondering joining NaBloPoMo this month. I thought making a commitment to post every single day was an annual November thing, but now I think it may be an ongoing challenge. On one hand I think it's a neat challenge but on the other I see my glaring commitment/follow-through issues so I guess I'm on the fence. Like usual. I'm there so much I have splinters.
Now that it's November (really?) I've felt my jack-o-lanterns and other Halloween-ie paraphernalia staring at me, mocking me a little, wondering when I'm going to round them up and pack them away. My plan is to ignore them for a while.
Remember last week when Scott had the plague? And spent most of the week propped up on the couch watching various forms of daytime television?
Well, turns out all his reclining on our couch has thrown out his back.
I can't make this stuff up.
He's aggravated an old neck/back issue and is in serious pain.
From his week on the couch.
He went to his chiropractor and trigger point massage therapist today and has been bonding with the heating pad ever since.
Maybe it's a good thing our Florida trip was cancelled after all.
In other news, Annelise had her dance class today and was invited to one of her dance classmate's birthday parties, and was over the moon excited about it.
So I guess we're going. Honestly, I haven't tried very hard to bond with any of the dance class moms and their spawn, well, ever really. Don't get me wrong, I'm pleasant and all but have never felt like I click with them, and I've been okay with that.
I felt fairly drab all day so once I finally got myself together I decided to wear a skirt.
I felt better immediately. Why do I forget to wear skirts for no other reason than just because I can?
Once we got home from dance, I soon found myself in the kitchen throwing some supper together (Jo-Lynne's yummy salmon cakes and broiled broccoli) while Annelise practiced her spelling words out loud and sorted her Halloween candy stash first into similar types of candy then into what to keep, what to trash and what to donate to Bible Hour--she was quite agreeable since she knew some of it would eventually come back to her as prizes.
The salmon cakes were not only easy, they were a tasty hit (except Annelise picked out the green peppers), I highly recommend you give them a try.
So to summarize:
It's November.
I may or may not post every day this month.
You can throw out your back lying on the couch.
A seven year old girl can not say no to a spa themed birthday party, it's in her DNA.
I should wear skirts more often.
Make Jo-Lynne's salmon cakes soon, your family will love you.


  1. My husband had knee surgery three weeks ago and he also hurt his back recovering! Between limping and overcompensating and spending too much time in the recliner he was a mess. I don't think I have been appropriately sympathetic either. Oops.

  2. Holly, you got me to laugh out loud twice in this post, which is not an easy thing to do...so my highest compliments to you.

    This got me: "I can't make this stuff up."

    And your summary got me as well, too funny!

  3. I know I am delirious with insomniac exhaustion, but this post made me DOUBLE OVER WITH LAUGHTER!

    "From his week on the couch."

    hahahahahahaha! I felt like you were right here, saying that aloud to me--your personality comes through THAT clearly in your writing. (high five)

    "Dance moms and their spawn." Oh good grief, I am going to be having residual laughter over that phrase for....well, the rest of my life. So very accurate.

  4. Mike (my man) had pneumonia a few years ago, which led to pleurisy, and I was about as sympathetic as you are. I'll tell ya the story someday. It involves a woman doctor, gasps of dismay, a 5" needle to the lungs, and me looking around at shocked faces & saying, "What? That's what nurses are for? Am I right?"


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