Down on Dewberry Farm

For the first field trip of first grade this year we did not mess around. No short jaunt to the local supermarket or fire station (not that there's anything wrong with that) for us, no sir, no way, NUH-uh.
We threw caution to the wind, loaded up our various and sundry first graders in lots of cars and took a road trip (1+ hour drive each way, by the way) to Dewberry Farm last Friday.
Because that's how first grade rolls.
Imagine the pent up energy and sheer excitement of 12 six and seven year olds bounding out of the cars and having to wait for the rest of the caravan to arrive (apparently our group believes in putting the pedal to the metal). There was this other school group waiting patiently to enter and then there was our group who could have easily been mistaken for monkeys hepped up on Red Bull. Sweet.
Soon enough though the rest of first grade arrived and we started our adventure with some rollicking duck races.
Then made our way over to feed the goats and see the other animals.
I'd say these goats are pretty spoiled, wouldn't you?
A great thing about Dewberry Farm is not only are there educational demonstrations and hands-on experiences, there are tons of fun things to play on from rolling slides,
to hay bale climbing and rope swings,
to pedal tractors, zip-lines, a huge fort play area and more. Our little hepped up monkeys LOVED it all!
Soon it was time for lunch, which was a welcome respite from all the activity. I was a HOT MESS after retrieving the cooler from the car and was so looking forward to my Diet Coke and Subway sandwich. Side note: if forced to bring a sack lunch I try to make the best of it so I treated myself to Subway the night before, thankfully it wasn't too soggy.
After lunch, and a brief restroom break for me, and I tell you that only because it struck me as funny that as I was exiting my stall I felt the need to announce several times to the little girls waiting their turn that my potty wouldn't flush. Like I didn't want them judging me or something. I'm mature, that's me.
After lunch we loaded up for a wagon ride to the outer acres where there were honey bees, Christmas trees and pumpkins.
Annelise found her perfect little gourd.
I had to snap this photo of Annelise and one of her friends in the other class. He was such the little gentlemen and was almost always by her side, his little arm guiding her this way and that. It was cute.
Thankfully we didn't lose anybody in the corn maze, I was a little worried.
We finished up the day with a barrel car ride,

and giant pillow bouncing.
Soon it was time to load up several sweaty, dusty and tired first graders and start the journey home.

(Annelise with her class)
I'd say the first field trip of first grade was quite a success!


  1. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around being sweaty in mid November?!

  2. tons of fun! I think our co-op group went this past friday too

  3. Jill: I know, our crazy Texas weather is something else. It had to be upper 80s or mid 90s that day. I was a sweathog.

    Silken: It was lots of fun. Dewberry is a really neat place--wish it was closer.


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