Five for Friday

Because 1.) It's Friday and b.)I find myself with five completely random things to share with y'all.
1. Annelise was very excited to fill up a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child this week. Of course we were shopping for the items the afternoon before the boxes were due because we are nothing if not timely. This year she really helped me choose the items instead of only incessantly begging to go to the toy section at the dollar store, so that made it much more enjoyable for both of us.
2. Today was first grade's Thanksgiving Feast, that is if a box lunch containing 2 chicken strips, one cheese stick, frightfully orange macaroni and cheese and a juice pouch from KFC can be categorized as a feast. I guess in first grade it can. After feasting, and enjoying a cookie, we all went into the sanctuary to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. I was all pumped to see Snoopy battle the ping pong table and prepare popcorn and toast like only a beagle can, but I quickly realized I had been mistaken. We watched Charlie Brown's Mayflower Adventure or whatever it's called instead. Not quite the same, but I suppose more educational and still entertaining.
3. The last couple of days I found myself in that disturbing literary waste land where I'd finished a pretty good book and then couldn't commit to what to read next. It was awful. I had several possible candidates sitting on my shelves and even a few perfectly enjoyable others I had left dangling unfinished but none felt right. I craved a cozy, curl up read, some comfort food for my brain so I debated which beloved book to reread. That's a hard decision too. A desire for laughter (even though her story is also bittersweet) won out, I happily pulled A Girl Named Zippy from the shelf. My heart is telling me I made a good call.
4. Now that we are actually enjoying some cooler weather I am feeling the urge to knit. Again. Except I fear I have forgotten how since I set my last unfinished project aside last winter. I was making a short scarf, kind of a cowl like collar with a button--I can't even remember what it's called. I pretended I was like 85 years old and carried my bag-o-knitting with me where ever I went, but I still never finished. So of course I'll probably just have to start over since I have no idea which line of the pattern I was on and knowing that I'll have to makes me somewhat disappointed in myself. I'm sure I'll be scouring YouTube for remedial knitting tutorials ASAP.

5. If you have not heard of Mumford & Sons (don't feel bad, I just recently crawled out from under my rock and discovered them) then I feel a responsibility to share their goodness with you.

Don't you love them? At least a little? Kind of folksy, kind of blue grass, kind of funky. (Disclaimer: one of their songs does have a bad word, not this one, it's another one called Little Lion Man, like repeated a few times. I'm sorry. I felt I should warn you if you check out any of their other songs.)
Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!
P.S. What are y'all reading or listening to these days? What's your favorite comfort food book to reread?


  1. I DO like them. Great Fall music. This time of year I love this type of music & I find myself listening to a bit of jazz.

  2. Fan-diddly-tastic.

    I always love your suggestions. This was great!! Thanks!

  3. I was all ready to read a book I had pulled out of my son's give away basket-The Lost World by Conan Doyle. but, ironically, I have misplaced it!!!


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