Get Your Vote On

Today was a stay-inside-as-much-as-possible-because-it's-raining-cats-and-dogs-and-perhaps-small-children kind of day.
Well, at least it was this morning and that set the tone for the day.
I was quite thankful I took advantage of early voting last week.
Annelise, by default, took advantage too. If you look closely you might see her legs and sneakers underneath the booth. She was in the middle of writing a story (a mystery, in case you were wondering) and ducked under there to continue her creative flow while I voted.
I'm very thankful we have the freedom to vote and walked out feeling slightly taller for having taken the opportunity to express my one little voice.

Have you rocked your vote today?


  1. I voted for English too!

  2. I haven't voted yet because I'm a working girl now, and forgot to stop and do it on my way home. Now I'm entering the swirling vortex of time that involves a service project and a band concert so I'm going to need to get creative.

  3. SO high tech! I had to fill in the bubble with a pen in my precinct!

  4. Yeah, I snapped the picture before I got started so the select language screen was still up--I didn't think about it looking like I voted for that--funny!

    Jill: Good luck juggling everything! :)

    Kimberly: We've had these dial booths in our area for a while now, they're pretty neat.

  5. I voted too!

    I'm not brave enough to snap pictures like you are!


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