Gobble Gobble In Review

For the last, oh, five or six years we have had more of what you might consider non-traditional Thanksgivings than traditional ones, so maybe they are becoming traditional.
Are you following all that?
Eating out for Thanksgiving has almost become our tradition.
In 2004 we were barely home from a whirlwind trip to Russia and were still suffering from jetlag and brand new parenting so our whole family went to Luby's. And it was quite good and there were no dishes to prepare or wash after and so a trend was born. The next year we trooped down to the Cracker Barrel and then trooped back to our house for desserts. 2006 was a Turkey Trot followed by the Black Eyed Pea and desserts at my dad's house, 2007 was my birthday and a bird in a crockpot, in 2008 my dad's new bride cooked a yummy Thanksgiving feast and last year I missed it completely thanks to a migraine.
This year, for several reasons, no one felt up to preparing a big meal so the Black Eyed Pea came to the rescue again.
We were still able to eat a yummy traditional meal together and no one had to wash any dishes or stuff a turkey's most private parts with anything. It was delightful.
We spent the rest of the day with my dad and Peggy at their house where Annelise divided her time practicing casting her fishing rod in the yard (and antagonizing the neighbor's dogs in the process) and climbing the walls. Literally.
Just as I ushered everyone outside so we could take family pictures in natural light it started to sprinkle rain. We tried to brave it but gave up and scurried back inside once it began to rain in earnest.
So we tried to make do inside.
We finished up the day with a few rounds of Skip-Bo and Go Fish,
concentrated football watching (while I longed for my book), and of course dessert. Annelise L-O-V-E-S Peggy's fruit salad and ended up eating three bowls of it.
While we enjoyed pumpkin cheesecake and coffee.
Maybe our Thanksgivings have been a little non-traditional over the last few years, but thankfully no one seems to mind. We're flexible. The most important thing, no matter where or what you eat is that you are with your loved ones and I'm thankful to have been with mine.
I hope you had a blessed and yummy Thanksgiving too!


  1. Sounds perfect to me :) I love the doorway picture!

  2. This was our 1st year breaking the tradition and I rather enjoyed it. We ate traditional food but stayed home alone just our little family.

  3. It sounds lovely. And that pumpkin cheesecake? OH MY!

  4. non traditional is usually the best! I was wishing for my book too!

  5. Wow, she IS climbing the walls! It looks like you had a great meal at the Black Eyed Pea. I love the idea of no dishes to wash for Thanksgiving. That's a tradition I could get used to!

  6. Your Thanksgiving looks DelIghtful!

    and that pumpkin cheesecake... wow yum!

  7. we have become verrrry non-traditional here, and i love it!! growing up, we had 'traditional' Thansgiving, followed up one month later with 'traditional' Christmas, and the kinda, sorta, felt the same.

    now i love the freedom of doing anything our hearts' desire on Thanksgiving.

  8. I think that Thanksgiving is best when each family does what works best and feels right to them. Preparing a meal like that, especially for a small group, is a ton of work, so bypassing the prep and dishes seems like a smart choice to me.


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