It Was Monday After All

Monday morning got off to a bit of a rocky start around 1:00am thanks to the skittishness of one of our cats.
While in the midst of a deep sleep I kicked one of my legs out from under the duvet and apparently right on top of a kitty who was also in a deep sleep. I think it was Spooky but I have no proof.
What quickly followed was a loud hiss, a feline leap straight into the air which landed her on my leg which she used to propel herself off of the bed in a hair-raising huff.
I was left with three scratches on my knee and a large rip in my PJs.
Good morning to me.
Scott's Monday started with a trip to the hospital for his MRI. His neck/shoulder/back/nerve/disc issue has not gotten better these last couple of weeks and after no relief from chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy he went back to see his orthopedic doctor who ordered another MRI. Last time Scott tried to do one he couldn't lie flat on his back at all so he opted for a stand-up open MRI. This time his doctor told him those images aren't as reliable and he really wanted Scott to do a lie down MRI and then uttered the magic words: sedated MRI.
Who knew?
My dad dropped him off at the outpatient area early this morning and then I went up to the hospital after taking Annelise to school. With the help of two volunteers and one nurse I was finally able to find the right place I was supposed to be and was able to see Scott right before he went in to be put to sleep.
Um...maybe sedated would be a better term?
I sat outside this door with this big warning sign about radiation being in use for the next hour and read my book and sipped my vanilla latte and tried not to feel radiated.
Do you see that sliver of GOLF magazine sitting there amidst my stuff? Well, you'd think it was a collector's edition or possibly printed on gold because the two times I saw Scott pre and post procedure that was the first thing he asked me, "Do you have my stuff? Do you have my GOLF magazine?!?!" I was all, "How are you doing? How are you feeling? How's your neck?" and he was all, "Guard the GOLF."
That's okay, I'm blaming the drugs.
Finally, after what seemed like a shade past eternity, he was released and we grabbed some lunch and headed home. On the way we saw a man with a cast on his leg hobbling his way along the sidewalk, Scott and I both commented on the poor guy's situation but the man in the truck in front of us rolled down his window and said something to Mr. Crutchey. Lickety-split the truck did a u-turn and stopped to pick him up, which was a really nice thing to do.
I couldn't stop wondering what if Mr. Crutchey was a scammer (or worse) and had a knife squirrelled away inside his cast and was going to truck jack (or worse) that Good Samaritan that gave him a lift.
My overactive imagination often gets the best of me.
And I can't blame the drugs.


  1. The golf magazine situation reminds me of when Kim had her biopsy done 2 years ago and all she was worried about in recovery was getting a cup of coffee. You'd think she'd be more interested in finding out if the slice of tissue looked cancerous but no, she just wanted coffee. Drugs . . .

  2. The kitty wake-up call sounds hilarious and painful...cats are funny.

    Hooray for sedation! I hope the MRI reveals the problem so the poor man can get some relief!

    Guard the golf, that's funny! As is the thought of you trying not to feel radiated.

  3. THIS is seriously one of the funniest blog posts I've read. Real and so, so funny. The GOLF thing is hilarious. And so is the cat thing. Painful, I know. But also funny. How's your leg BTW????

  4. hope scott is feeling better soon!

  5. I'd probably want coffee pronto too--even without drugs. :)

    I just had a few scratches but a big hole in my PJs.

    Scott is waiting to see a pain specialist (?) to hopefully get a cortisone shot in his neck--if that works out. Last week he was really wanting to have surgery (!!) so I'm glad he's calmed down some. The MRI showed two bulging discs that are causing nerve problems.


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