On My Birthday

Today I turned 42.
I feel okay about this.
But I also kind of say harrumpff and whatev to turning 42.
Just a little.
(that's my whatev face, can you tell?)
Since Annelise is out of school this week for Thanksgiving we had a lazy morning hanging around at home drinking coffee and painting fingernails.
Well, she didn't actually drink any coffee, which is for the best because she is seven and naturally caffeinated.
She drew me the cutest picture/birthday card of our family (and pets!) and gave it to me two days early because she just could not contain herself. I'd take a picture and show it to you but that would require me to get up, and, well...sorry. Annelise crawled into bed with me this morning at half past dark thirty to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA and her little face was so sweet and her smile was so exuberant that I restrained myself from asking her to come back in a few minutes after I had my coffee.
I am a giver.
Scott took the afternoon off from work and we drove into Houston to eat at The Cheesecake Factory in The Galleria.
And hush yo' mouth, because yes, that is exactly what we did last year because we are fresh and original and always like to stretch our birthday boundaries.
Or maybe not.
We tried several times, and I do mean several, to get a fair self-portrait with most of ourselves represented in front of the huge Christmas tree that encompasses three levels. I may have had a small anxiety attack when I saw that their tree was already up because that means that Christmas is truly fast approaching.
On a whim, after lunch, we decided to seek out some hoity-toity cupcakes since we were close by and it was my special day after all.
Right next door to the snooty cupcake place was paper nirvana, otherwise known as Paper Source.
As sad as it sounds, at 42, I had never been inside a Paper Source.
And I still haven't.
When I broached the possibility of me, The Birthday Girl, popping inside to my people I was met with...
concerns of time, Houston traffic and the increasingly urgent need for someone to find some, um...facilities.
And my browsing might put a damper on someone else's climbing and jumping parade.
So I sighed the mournful sigh of the Paper Source deprived and joined my people in the car to journey home.
My people quickly redeemed themselves though when we arrived home and the showering of presents began.
Well, showering might be an exaggeration, but I did have two sweet cards to open, gift cards to Sephora and Forever 21 (my people DO listen to me after all!!) and...drum roll please...Season 4 of the best television show ever, otherwise known as Friday Night Lights.
I love my people.
And they love me.
I am blessed.
Maybe turning 42 isn't such a bad gig after all.


  1. I feel absolutely horrible that I forgot your birthday!
    (it hasn't been my best year)

    HOORAY for 42 & cheesecake factory & presents & coffee!!!!!

    I hope it's a GREAT year for you!
    p.s.- my card is on the way ;)
    p.p.s. you are a SAINT for not throwing a Paper source -I'm 42 & I'm going in... tantrum.
    (I've never been in one either & I want to so bad...)

  2. I think we need a "date" to the Paper Source...I will drive! And, when I talked to you earlier you forgot to mention the yummy cupcakes! ha! I bet they were divine!

    I am glad you had a great birthday. If you need a chaperone to the mall to use your gift cards, I would be happy to take you. haha!

    Happy birthday, sweet friend!

  3. Happy birthday Holly!!

    I have to say, looking at your pictures (taken in my old hood) made me a bit homesick.

    I hope you make it back to paper source soon. That place is amazing!

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous day!

  5. ahhh! holly, i love you. i've never met you, but you're awesome. :) happy birthday!!! i think your festivities were fantastic! i love cheesecake factory. why can't i have one in AK????

    and i cannot believe you're 42. i would never ever guess it. amazing. i need to take notes on how you do this.

    (ps- i actually drop by more often than i comment...just so ya know. i'm beginning to rebalance my life so i can actually say something now and then!)

  6. Happy Birthday! Has anyone ever told you that you look sooo much like coach Kelli from "Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: making the team?" What, none of your friends watch that show? Well never mind, but you really do!!

  7. Happy Birthday to you, Holly! And a very belated Happy Gotcha Day to all of you. I love when you share that story. Makes me tear up every year. :)

  8. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. You look fab!

  9. I have never been to Paper Source either, only online. That would have been hard to pass up.

    Wish we had a Cheesecake Factory here!

    Happy Birthday! I thought of you this weekend when I "discovered" a new fave at Starbizzle: gingerbread latte with a shot of white chocolate mocha syrup in it, YUM! The barista recommended and it did not disappoint, although I had mine made with soy and was decaf.

  10. I have failed. I somehow misplaced (most likely while cleaning my desk last weekend) my paper with the November birthdays on it and therefore did not send something in time. I am sorry and humiliated about this.

    I'm glad you had a good birthday though and that your people treated you well. Friday Night Lights is the best show ever...I've been rewatching Season 4 on Netflix lately.

    I'm sad that you didn't get to go into Paper Source, but am thinking it was probably for the best if your people were anxious to leave because that is not a place to go when in a rush. You need to go there one day when you've got time to linger for an hour or so. Seriously. Give that as a gift to yourself some time soon.


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