What I Wore Wednesday {Vol. 6}

Well hello there friends! Welcome to another installment of What I Wore Wednesday. Let's take a look at some of the outfits I've donned recently shall we...
Striped drape-y sweater: Forever 21
Green ruffle tank & grey tank: Old Navy
Weekender jeans: Old Navy
This was my Shades of Grey outfit with a splash of color for church:
Grey ruffle cardigan: Down East Basics
Black flower tank & grey tank: Old Navy
Long grey skirt: Old Navy
My favorite necklace in fuchsia: Allora Handmade
Zebra flats: Target
Are y'all sitting down?
Because I wouldn't want y'all to fall down in complete shock when you see my next outfit. The top half is pretty much my normal style, with a drape-y sweater and long tank, but...prepare yourselves for the lower half.
My lowers were encased in a pair of skinny jeans. Gulp.
And and I'm still not sure how I feel about all of my lowers showcased in skinny jeans. Can I say that I liked my calves? And that the jeans were comfy (stretchy, but not so jegging-ly sausage like, which is a good thing). I'm thinking they will be great with boots and longer tops/dresses/sweaters BUT am still unsure if a curvy woman should wear skinny jeans. What do y'all think?
Black drape-y sweater: Forever 21
Beige striped tank with flower details: Marshall's
Skinny jeans (gulp): Target
Leopard flats (squeal!): Target
This week I also wore my running skirt again for the first time in, well, too long, and remembered that I was am a runner (plus I own a pair of skinny jeans now).
Gym Girl running skirt: Skirt Sports
A running skirt will change your life people, I promise. They make running much more swishy and fun.
My last outfit didn't quite turn out to be as cute in the real world as I had imagined it in my head. The floral print made me feel kind of ridiculous and like I had time warped back to 1987. Or maybe I was hoping to be an extra in Places in the Heart with Sally Field. And I really need to invest in a full length mirror because I seem to have lost my head.
Floral print dress(can something that short really be worn as a dress?): Forever 21
Black drape-y sweater: Forever 21
Black tank: Target
Skinny (gulp!) jeans: Target
Yellow necklace: Forever 21
Red flats: Payless
Thanks for popping by my blog for another edition of WIWW! Participating in Lindsey's challenge each week to fight the frump and make an effort to be more stylish as I go about my normal stay-at-home mom routine has not only been fun, it's held me accountable and inspired me to try new fashion-y things.
Hence the skinny jeans.
How about you? What have you been wearing lately?


  1. I think you look adorable..skinny jeans and all! Have a great day!

  2. i love the skinnies! and all of your outfits for that matter--you have a darling style!

  3. what adorable outfits. I like the "Sally Field" outfit.

  4. You always look so cute!

  5. go for the skinnies girl! you look adorable. love that fuschia necklace!

  6. you're rocking the skinnies! I would have like to have seen a better shot of the sally field outfit - i thought it was cute! love all your flats!

  7. LOVE ths skinny jeans! (and the red flats)

  8. Great job with the skinnies!!!! You go girl!

  9. I don't love the skinny jeans, at least not with that look. I think they could be great with a more tunic-style top though. I have a pair of straight/skinny jeans but they are too stretchy and I hate them. Sally Field outfit looks promising if we could see all of it!

  10. I really like the last outfit the best... seriously I think the floral tunic, skinnies, and necklace (love) and shoes (love)... look great!

    You have great color combos and the skinny jean will eventually grow on you.. trust me!

  11. I'm leary of skinny jeans too, but I think you are totally rockin them! Way to take a risk and push outside of your comfort zone!

  12. I think those jeans look fabulous on you... they really do! You should feel confident in those!
    Really, you look adorable in all of your outfits.
    Love the shoes that you have been wearing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  13. Running skirts are the best, right?!?!

    Yep, us curvy girls can TOTALLY wear skinny jeans!!!

  14. Oh my goodness you made me laugh OUT loud multiple times. Those skinny jeans looked great on you! I've been too chicken to wear mine without boots covering up most of me. Kudos to you for going straight to the flats- and I thought your floral dress (um, let's call it a tunic) was too cute on you. Great necklace choice with it. I got my first full length mirror on clearance at Target for $3.24. Just get a cheap one- they are super narrow but get the job done. ;)

  15. I think the skinny jeans look great on you! & i love the zebra flats from target, i rly want to go get a pair too :-)

  16. I felt the same way about myself wearing skinny jeans...however I really like them now, and I think that you look great in them!!!

  17. Thanks everyone for your encouragement about the skinny jean situation. I am a firm believer that if something doesn't look right a friend should tell you the truth-like if you have spinach in your teeth or your dress is tucked up the back of your Spanx or something. I agree that the beige striped tank was a little short, so that probably wasn't the best look for my inaugural skinny jean attempt. I think I will feel most comfy with longer sweaters/tunics and maybe even boots--if it ever cools off here in TX again.

  18. Cute red shoes. :)

    Also, I LOVE your hair!!

  19. I too am curvy and was wondering about the skinny jean thing...yours look great! I also love your hair.


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