What I Wore Wednesday {Vol. 7}

I almost skipped this week.
When I did manage to get myself together last week everything I put on was either a repeat (or a three or four-peat) and kind of made me yawn.
That's why I came this close to not showing up for this week's What I Wore Wednesday.
I know, the nerve, right?
So I dug around my closet and tried to come up with something in a Hail Mary attempt to participate today.
And this is what happened:
Plaid dress: Target
Grey Tank: Old Navy
The necklace I'd take to a desert island: Allora Handmade
Orange cardigan, capri leggings and silver ballet flats: Target
Bracelets: Sam Moon (otherwise known as paradise)
Honestly, I have a fickle relationship with plaid. I try to like it, but it really doesn't like me back. It's just not that into me I guess. I only bought this dress because it was on dirt cheap clearance and I thought it might be good to wear with leggings.
So there you go.
Short and sweet this week.
And plaid.
Be sure to pop over to The Pleated Poppy to see oodles of more WIWW goodness.
Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. see! You could have worn that this morning. That or your pjs. Whatever you wear would be cute. You look cute and we missed you.

  2. glad to see i'm not the only one who had a bad week - i AM bailing on wiww this week...i got nuthin'!

    of course, YOU look super cute - and i think the plaid is loving you! :)

  3. Apparently what I wear lately while on maternity leave makes my kids yawn because yesterday when I wore a black knit shirt and jeans Griffin wanted to know why I was "so dressed up." Sad, sad. Guess he noticed I was out of my pajamas finally.

  4. Very cute outfit!

  5. That's a great outfit! I just love your hair.

  6. We are now twinners with our necklaces. I scored a grey Allora Handmade necklace at the Queen Bee Market!

    Love that orange cardigan!!

  7. We are now twinners with our necklaces. I scored a grey Allora Handmade necklace at the Queen Bee Market!

    Love that orange cardigan!!

  8. Thanks y'all!

    I always think plaid looks cute on other people but whenever I wear it I fear it adds 15+ pounds that I certainly don't need. Maybe it depends on the fit too and the size of the plaid pattern.

    I tried to add a belt to give my dress more shape so it wasn't so mumu-esque but it was gathered right under my chest and the belt looked beyond ridiculous there.

  9. I think you look really cute in plaid. I LOVE that necklace and your hair!

  10. Please tell Heather that I want that necklace. K? Thx.

  11. Awww you're one of my absolute faves on WIWW so don't give up :-)

  12. you have inspired me. I've been looking for a drapey sweatery layering piece and found one tonight. while I won't post any photos, maybe you'll see me wear it one day....I am just a little concerned about the grey/black color clashing w/ my grey hair!


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