What I Wore Wednesday {Vol.5}

Hello there my fellow fighting the frump friends! Welcome to another installment of What I Wore Wednesday.
I'm sure you are all aquiver with anticipation.
This week's outfits are a little bit like vanilla ice cream, not that there's anything wrong with vanilla ice cream, it's perfectly tasty and refreshing but rather plain. It's usually better with chocolate syrup or maybe some M&Ms. And no matter how you dress it up it's never quite as good as Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. But maybe that's just me.
I found myself in a bit of a plain vanilla rut this week, either repeating outfits I've worn before or wearing variations of exactly the same thing. Do y'all do that too? (Please tell me I'm not the only one.)
Grey v-neck tee: Old Navy
Pink ruffle tank (new fave!): Old Navy
My word necklace: The Vintage Pearl
Pink sherbet elbow sleeve cardi: Target ($4.98!!)
Weekender jeans: Old Navy
Zebra ballet flats: Target (Not pictured, but you've seen them before)
Lilac flower tank: Old Navy
Black open cardi: Target
Grey cami-tank: Old Navy
My favorite necklace: Allora Handmade
I broke up with my comfy jeans for a day and wore a skirt instead, HOLLA! Instantly felt more, well, spiffy.
Denim skirt: DownEast Basics
Repeat of WIWW Vol.2 outfit
Variation of My Go-To Outfit
White rosette tank: Old Navy
Grey knit jacket: Marshall's
My favorite necklace again
Distressed Jeans: Target
Yellow Box Zebra flips:Cavender's Boot City
Oh look, I wore that combo again. Except I added two different necklaces:
Long funky necklace I've had forever: Treska

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking a gander at my recent outfits, even though they may have been as bland as a bowl of vanilla ice cream. I promise to add more sprinkles next week.
Be sure to pop over to the What I Wore Wednesday linky party hosted by Lindsey at the The Pleated Poppy.

Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. These outfits are so cute - so not vanilla if you ask me. I love all your jewelry and embellished shirts. Great deal on the cardi at Target!

  2. Love pink & gray outfit #1! Like I have said before you are pretty darn adorable! You are inspiring me to put a little more....hhhhh...thought in to my every day appearance!

  3. Awww...thanks Anna and Brooke! Y'all made me feel better about wearing the same style/combos so much.
    Doing the WIWW challenge each week has made a difference and helped me break out of ratty SAHM clothes--not every day, but more days. :)

  4. I found your blog last week through the WIWW link ups, and love your outfits so much I subscribed (is that weird? I hope not!). I think you have great style!

  5. Just stoppin' by from WIWW. Love the pink and brown combo.

  6. OH...you look darling in all that 'vanilla'. I can't wait to get my hands on an Allora Handmade necklace next week at The Queen Bee Market in so cal!!

  7. You look adorable!

  8. you look great! Totally cute outfits! :)

  9. LOVE the outfits & especially the allora necklace. i have a pair of their yellow earrings. so fun!

  10. I have the old navy flower tank in dark green! so cute! and i have the ruffled tank in white...my new fave. they had great deals on them last week! you have wonderful accessories...so fun.

  11. not vanilla at all! loving the ruffled tank!

  12. Loving your outfits as always!

  13. You are so cute! And I'm still giggling over "aquiver." :-)

  14. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

  15. love the pink cardi and the allora necklace. cute!

  16. I have the same pink ruffled tank, and I think I bought it in teal/blue too. I wear the same things all the time. I want to try some new looks, but don't have the cash to do so, so I try to make things interesting with accessories. I think about your outfits a lot though, because I like them so much!

  17. These posts of yours are inspiring me! I want to have style and be cuter, so I'll have to start looking for items like these when I shop.

  18. So much to say, so here we go:

    1. I am voyeuristic-ly fascinated by your What-I-Wore-Wed posts.

    2. I slobber over your wardrobe.

    3. I want to raid your closet.

    4. I am sending you several necklaces of mine that I am far too frumpy to deserve.

    5. Would you please (please!) come to Utah and teach me how to shop for Target jeans? Pleeeeeze!

    6. I am RUNNING to Old Navy tomorrow to scavenge for a pink ruffle tank. I know they will be sold out.

    7. I am 10 mins away from a Downeast Basics store. Jealous? Then git (Texas-accent there) (also could be spoken in my native Idaho accent)..."git" your buns to Utah and I will take you to the nearby Downeast store. Then we will go next door to Target, where you will be my jeans-shopping-mentor.

    8. I love your freaking hair.

    9. My hair is really long and really borrrring. I often wonder if i look like a polygamist, it is that dull.

    10. I may be a Mormon chick, but rest assured I am NOT a polygamist. They're a different...ahem, breed.

    11. Gah! You said "sprinkles" in your post. I am the sprinkle queen.

    12. Seriously, I can't sleep. It's 3:48am.

  19. Ok, I had as much fun reading the comments as I do reading your posts.

    Holly, you so crack me up!

    I just looked down to see what I was wearing...then I gave myself a break becasue it is Saturday ;)


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