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The lovely Jo-Lynne is once again hosting her annual blog recap carnival and I couldn't bear to miss out on the fun. Even though the new year is only a few hours away, I have not done much reflecting or goal setting yet in order to prepare for it like I normally do.
Maybe this recap will be something of a trigger for me.
Or at least it will be fun.
Let's take a peek shall we at 2010 through the eyes, er...I mean the first lines, of my first blog post for each month.
December: Not only is it December 1st (really? reeaallly? runs screaming and hides in corner), it's time again for What I Wore Wednesday.
This was one of my weekly fashion (and I use that term loosely) posts where I documented my outfits most days in an effort to hold myself accountable for getting dressed in something other than comfy pants and a t-shirt. It's been fun to participate in Lindsey's WIWW linky party at The Pleated Poppy each week.
November: You know those posts that flow together seamlessly with lots of clever asides and engaging narrative? This one won't be like that.
Oh look, a random blog post where I chatter on about avoiding packing up Halloween decorations, Scott throwing out his back from his week on the couch with pneumonia, birthday parties, wearing a skirt just because and salmon patties. Like I said, random.
October: Song names for blog titles. I am a fan.
Would you be surprised if I said this was another random blog post? No? Good. This one ranged from music, birthday party gifts for school friends, our dog's (Sadie) recovery from surgery and then I wrapped thing ups neatly with a cool hand jive video.
September: You are my candy girl...and you've got me wanting you...
So, um...yeah. This was the post where I declared my break-up with sugar. Again. And, well...it didn't quite take. Again.
August: Earlier this week we loaded up the car and took a mini road trip a few hours west to New Braunfels for a couple of days of ultimate water park fun at Schlitterbahn.
Sometimes I am quite good at getting with to the point (or at least having one) early in my blog posts. This post was a recap of our little summer getaway to the best water park ever.
July: It's a good thing she's kind of cute and usually pretty sweet because sometimes her too much-ness (combined with a healthy dose of mule headedness) can be exasperating.
What can I say? It was one of those days and it involved a too small ring, my daughter's too big finger and a Payless restroom.
June: One of my favorite birthdays (who am I kidding, they were all my favorite) was the year I received my very own Sears record player. Yes, an actual record player that used a needle to play music on a vinyl disc the size of a dinner plate sold in a colorful and informative cardboard sleeve.
This misty walk down memory lane, complete with Shaun Cassidy singing "Do-Run-Run-Run", was my segue into the recap of Annelise's dance recital weekend where there was a little too much fun in the sun, we all ended up scorched lobsters and the more emotional one of us had to wear a scratchy sequined dance costume. And don't forget the late night pancakes at IHOP.
May: It was just another ordinary Friday night. Supper out: two adults, one child, please.
This is the one where a crabby pants (not naming any names, but it might have been me) changed her tune thanks to a spontaneous family Cha Cha Cha Slide in the kitchen. I highly recommend it.
April: Annelise's class celebrated Easter a little early with a party on Thursday.
Again, directly to the point. And oh so clever and creative. Anyway. This post recapped our Easter festivities, of which mine were, um...not so festive.
March: Alliteration can easily get out of control, can't it? Please forgive me.
Another post chock full of randomness from minor decorating changes, nekkid Barbies, cross-dressing Build-A-Bears and other daily miscellany.
February: And pink pigs must be flying too because I have finally chosen my word for the year (cue marching band).
After much hemming, hawwing and inner turmoil, I finally chose my one little word to hopefully impact my life throughout 2010. My word was do. I think by June I could hear it mocking me.
January: I don't know about you, but my little brain is busily musing over the possibilities for this brand, spankin' new year.
You might think this post was a little reflective, maybe intentional or insightful about setting goals for the new year. Nah. I talked a lot about using the words "twenty-ten" instead of 2010 and then I slapped up a slide show of our day trip out to the country.
And there you have it. My 2010. Or twenty-ten.
Thanks for sharing my bloggy walk down memory lane (even without Shaun Cassidy) with me.
I can't wait to start blogging my 2011. Or twenty-eleven (nope, that just doesn't have the same catchy ring to it as twenty-ten).


  1. I am happy to say I've read every single one of your blog posts this year and I love your randomness and song lyric titles. Your blog is such a fun read. Happy New Year, Holly!

  2. This was a fun way to look back on 2010. I always want to do a year in review post, but have such a bad memory that in order to do it I would need to go back and read my blog! (I must say, this is one of the huge motivating factors for my blogging.)

  3. great idea! I think you did this last year and I copied you then. I did it again this year too! here is my blog in review: http://madameblogalot.com/just-for-fun/1111/


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