Five for Friday

After not blogging for three days (gasp!) I can't stop myself from a quick (gasp!) random post this morning.
1. After a Tuesday morning meeting with the dentist (and leaving feeling rather delinquent because I still haven't gotten the two crowns he said I needed last Christmas) and then grabbing a quick lunch with Scott all other plans, errands, to-dos came to a screeching halt when Annelise's school called.
It seems she had been complaining of a headache and when they took her temperature she had a fever of 101.2. Of course I scurried right over to pick her up and she was looking rather pitiful. Maybe it's all in my head (highly possible) but the way the lady in the office kept saying Annelise had said her had was bothering her since that morning made me think she thought I had purposefully sent her to school sick. As if! Annelise hadn't said anything about not feeling well that morning and said it started after she was at school. The really mature part of me wanted to call the school later and have Annelise explain. But of course I didn't.
2. Annelise ended up hunkering down and hanging out on the couch for the better part of the next two days. No other symptoms ever materialized, which I guess is a good thing, but her fever lasted until Wednesday night. We obeyed the 24-hour fever-free rule and hung out at home for most of Thursday too but then HAD to run errands to get things ready for her class Christmas party which is after their lunch today. So, in a nutshell (maybe seasonal chestnut?), our Christmas break from school will be almost three weeks instead of two.
3. So everything that I was going to do earlier in the week to prepare for her party ended up having to be done yesterday. Now I know, and y'all do too, that I am a procrastinator down to my DNA and there was a chance I would have ended up waiting to the last minute anyway, but I like to think I would have done a few things early. Needless to say I was highly irritable yesterday and throwing spontaneous pity parties (sometimes just in my head, others were on full display) over having too much to do in a such short period of time.
4. But guess what? Everything is ready to go! And I'm okay! And I didn't harm anyone in the process!
Here's my incredibly brilliant (no, no, not really) plan for the party (Mrs. B. said it was completely up to us, the moms, and no one else had an idea, so there you go):
*After their lunch, 12 overly excited first graders will partake of numerous sweets, treats and holiday snacks in their classroom.
*I'll wrangle the sugared up kidlets to the floor to listen to me read Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby.
*Then we'll call 2-3 kids at a time to the table to decorate, wait for it, gingerbread cookies.
I used this easy recipe for the cookies, last night, starting at 9:00 and finishing somewhere around midnight. I'll save you the drama but I will tell you that not one of the little ginger dudes look exactly alike and I really don't care to ever see a gingerbread man again.
*They'll also make a foamie gingerbread friend (which Scott was kind enough organize into individual baggies while I wrestled with gingerbread dough. Thanks, babe!)
*And, as if all of that isn't fantastic enough, they'll play BINGO too.
All within 45 minutes.
Hold me.
5. In between my gingerbread escapades I finished up Annelise's gifts for her teachers, because, really, what fun is it do things in a timely manner anyway?
Mrs. B. is getting a purple felt posy pin and the pink one is for Mrs. M. (Annelise chose the colors).
and...a little something pretty for their purses (sticking with the color theme) with a little surprise tucked inside.
I hope they like them!
Yikes! I just glanced at the clock and realized I've gotta hit the showers and get ready for the party, so I better wrap (hahaha...get it? I am dangerously witty, I know) this up.

Happy Friday my festive friends!


  1. I LOVe the gingerbread party ideas!! SO fUN- I hope everything went off smooth.

    So sorry about the fever- still, it's the best kind a' sick- if you have to be sick.

    The teacher gifts!?

  2. I wish I was one of her teachers!

  3. HAHAHHAHA! #3 was too much!!! so glad A is feeling better. Poor baby! Can't wait to hear party review. And Mrs. B and M sure are lucky! :)

  4. YUM! who wouldn't love a Starbizzle gift card? I did personalized stationery and Wal-mart gift cards for teachers and bus drivers this year. (gift card and candy for the male bus driver, female driver got same as teachers)


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