A Merry New Tradition

Along with our Jesse Tree advent devotionals and our little advent stockings for Annelise, we started another type of countdown to Christmas this year. I saw this idea on other blogs and decide to put my own spin on it. Y'all know how I am.
(Annelise's wagon team taking a break under our tree and one of our cats is also hiding under the tree, she likes to drink the water. I don't understand her.) (Oh, and pardon our bare tree stand, I know, re-bar is oh-so-festive.)
I loved the idea of Annelise opening up a different Christmas book for the 12 days before Christmas and the three of us reading it together each evening.
Except I only had 10 new books (maybe our collection can grow a little each year).
And I wrapped them up all fancy like in Jason Deli take-out bags instead of festive holiday papers and topped with bows.
You know what? Annelise doesn't mind that at all, it speeds up her overall ripping process and gets her to her new book much faster, so all is well.
Here's a peek at some of what we've been reading...and some pine needles...
So far my favorite has been The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, Annelise's favorite is usually the one we just finished. Oh, did you notice I added a tree skirt? Well, it's not actually a skirt, it's two white pillow shams I found stashed in the linen closet upstairs artfully arranged over the re-bar.
Jason Deli bag wrapping and pillow sham re-purposing.
I am such a clever (lazy & cheap?) elf.


  1. Wow, I can barely get our devotionals on track each night. We are now caught up but it IS Dec. 22. :-) That all looks so super fun and cute. Love it.

  2. I am hoping to do this next year. I plan to look at used book stores/sales for books to do a 25 day countdown!

  3. This is a fun tradition! We have a stack of Christmas books on our fireplace, but we haven't been reading them.

  4. Rochelle: We've missed a day or two too and had to double up--it's hard to stay on track--but somehow it all works out.

    Nicole: The 25 day countdown would be FUN! I hope to add to our collection of holiday books for next year. We'll definitely do this again--after being put away for a year it won't matter that they're *old*. :)

    Jill: I highly recommend it! :)

  5. Our tree skirt this year is a sofa blanket. We kept looking in the attic for our "real" tree skirt and then remember we threw it away last year after Greta pooped on it when she was a tiny puppy.

    Fun book idea!

  6. Barnes and Noble has 50% off all Christmas books beginning the day after. A nice way to build the collection. We pull our books out every year. The boys love reading them. Susan


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