Rockin' Around the (Pink) Christmas Tree

What happens when six lovely ladies who share an affection for all things pink, all things silly (AKA flamingos) and all things Philippians 4:8 get together for their annual Pink Christmas extravaganza?
Well, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
What happens at Pink Christmas, stays at Pink Christmas.
Just kidding.
Sort of.
Here are some pictures though from our delicious lunch at Robyn's house.
Kim and Lyndsey
Lacie (who graciously drove down from her home to the north, a little like Santa) and Robyn
Heather (and her sweet nephew she was taking care of while her sister was in Amsterdam, yes, I said Amsterdam--can you tell I was a little jealous?) and Lacie
Oh and look, there they are again but I popped into the frame too.
After our festive and yummtastic lunch...
I apparently stopped taking pictures.
Later that day we all met up again, this time with our whole families, for supper at Cici's Pizza and then trooped over to our local high school for their holiday choir concert, which was delightful. Then we sent the littles and hubbies home and retreated back to Robyn's for coffee, some chit and some chat, giggles, a pink gift exchange, more giggles, more chit chat and even some yummy s'mores (made of course with PINK marshmallows) around or possibly after midnight, followed by more giggles and more of the chit and the chat (are you sensing a pattern?).
I don't think the day could have been more perfect.
Or more pink.


  1. How fun! My college girlfriends all still get together as often as we can. We just had our family Christmas gathering yesterday. We call ourselves WOWO and that is all I can tell you. ;) We also love pink, although it started out as a joke b/c we all used to despite pink being associated with girls. Now we really do love the pink.

  2. My cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard! What a wonderful night!

    Love u!

  3. AMEN! YOur photos are great. THat was a fun night... can't wiat until more!!! Love you!

  4. This looks so fun and festive!


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