So This Was Christmas

As the lights on our tree twinkled and glowed we enjoyed what have become our Christmas Eve traditions. Annelise found a note in her last advent stocking asking her if the force was with her, and apparently it was because she got a small Stars Wars holographic puzzle as her last advent treat. She was quite giddy. Another tradition she looks forward to is searching for the glass pickle ornament hidden on our tree and getting to open a small present once she finds it. I know that searching for a pickle sounds somewhat random, and possibly eccentric, but I think it's a tradition that originated in Germany. This year, since she is all about working jigsaw puzzles lately (some might say obsessed), she got a puzzle of St. Basil's cathedral in Moscow.
Now I must take a moment and point out Annelise's pajama pants. Go ahead, take a gander at them. Who, I ask you, who in their right mind would decide to sew Christmas pajama pants on Christmas Eve afternoon?
Y'all knew I was a friend of the crazy.
But it was totally, totally worth it when she pulled them on right after her bath, flannel still warm from the dryer, and squealed loudly in pure unabashed delight and proclaimed me to be THE BEST MAMA EVER, and promptly sat down on the floor to assemble her Star Wars puzzle while singing "Deck the halls with houghs of holly, falalalalalalalala," on repeat at the top of her lungs for the following 15 minutes.
So, yes, it was worth it.
We then read our last Jesse Tree devotional (I love looking at the full branches and thinking about all that we read this past month of waiting), Annelise read The Christmas Story from one of her books and we also read The Night Before Christmas before setting out treats for Santa.
This year Santa got the softest, absolutely yummiest gingersnaps ever and easy peasy chocolate pretzels along with milk (covered with plastic wrap to keep the cats from snooping and possibly slurping).
Soon it was time to shuffle our exuberant elf off to bed, or at least try to. Because of a pesky cough and being filled to the brim with holiday excitement she didn't doze off until nearly midnight (thanks to a dose of Vicks Vap-O-Rub).
I prepped the dishes for our annual Christmas breakfast and then Scott and I finished off the eve evening watching The Christmas Story, which seemed to be playing on a never ending loop on TBS.
Much to our amazement, our little elf slept until after 9:00 Christmas morning (!!), and had barely stumbled downstairs to investigate the contents of her stocking before my dad and Peggy arrived. We quickly fortified ourselves with coffee and settled in to watch the flurry of wrapping paper ripping begin.
It never ceases to amaze me how days of shopping, an evening or two of wrapping can be dismantled in less than 10 minutes, but trust me, she can do it.
Sadie and our cats must now be on the constant look out for a remote controlled flying Star Wars Millennium Falcon and a Spiderman Web blaster, which shoots not only water but *actual* webs that look and feel eerily like Silly String.
After such a present opening flurry it was time to restore our energy with our traditional Christmas breakfast. This year along with the normal pigs in a blanket, baked oatmeal and crescent coffee cake fare we enjoyed what quickly became our new favorite breakfast treat. I made one large pan with sausage, eggs and hash browns, then put cheddar cheese on half and topped the other half with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but TOOT! TOOT!, it was GOOD.
The rest of the day was spent playing, lounging, playing some more, napping, nibbling, some concentrated Lego building, more playing and finished up with our traditional taco soup supper followed by another dash or two of playing before sending one thoroughly exhausted but thoroughly happy elf to bed.
I'd say Christmas 2010 was a roaring success.
I sincerely hope yours was too.


  1. Glad it was merry! I cannot believe she slept in that late!!

  2. My kids slept until 9:00 too, it was such a surprise. I think Mike had been up for 3 hours by that point but I, of course, was snoozing.

    It looks like you had a great Christmas! Taco soup sounds delicious, I'm gonna have to make that soon.

  3. I'm jealous that she slept until 9:00! (Yes, that's the first thing that came to mind when I clicked on the "Post a Comment" button.) My kids got up at 6:00am and I was a wreck. You'd think I could pull myself together for an early wake-up on Christmas of all days, but I just couldn't!

  4. Merry late Christmas! Your day sounded cozy.


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