What You Won't See On Our Christmas Card This Year

Some people, y'all know the ones, plan for their family Christmas card early. Many begin planning their family photo in late summer or early fall, others take photos throughout the year so they have several good ones to choose from for a collage.
Don't tell, but I secretly hate them.
A little.
Then there are those people that wait until, oh say, 12 days before Christmas to even think about it.
In case you weren't sure, I fall in the latter group, otherwise known as Christmas card losers.
This weekend I put my loser foot down and announced to my people that we were taking a family photo no matter what.
Even if it's 47 degrees. Even if it's the windiest day ever. Even if it's midday and the sun is harsh and unforgiving. Even if there's a sign warning you to be on the lookout for snakes. Even if I drop my camera (thankfully from not too high and it seems to be okay). Even if smiles get worn out somewhere around shutter snap #117.
Here are some outtakes from our adventure:
In my mind I saw us posing on the ground with the pond behind us, but the sun and the wind won that round.
The pier looked promising since it offered some shade, but OH MY GOODNESS, THE WIND. And there was that pesky snake warning. We had to laugh off our fears and bring out the silly.
Or maybe Annelise was trying to choke me. I'm not sure.
The ones where we were all smiling were blurry. And wind blown.
It was so cold Annelise and Scott entertained themselves by shocking each other and then overreacting. Good times.
Some poses might have made the cut if we weren't so trashed by the wind. And if I wasn't holding the remote clicker so high.Aww...I like this one though. Just sayin'.
Every stop we made had plenty of silly, crazy shots to help the little one make it through the photographic torture.
There were also promises of hot chocolate as soon as we were successful.
But by that time though our little person was all done with the smiling. We persevered a while longer. Wait...we're blurry. And awkward. And my scarf is trying to eat Annelise.
Just a few more? (Cue moans) How 'bout just one more? (Cue more groans and sighs) No? Seriously?
I think a Christmas photo mutiny was in the works.
I think this one says it all.
She might need an extra big hot chocolate to recover from this ordeal.
And maybe a polar bear cookie.
We retreated to the nearest Starbucks, with ratty wind-blown hair, runny noses, red cheeks, all just this side of cranky with fingers crossed that we managed to capture at least one fairly decent family photo.
Could someone please remind me of this experience next year, say somewhere in mid-October at the latest, so I won't do this again?
Thanks ever so much.

Are you a Christmas card early bird or a loser like me? (No judgment) Do you try to get a family photo or just the littles for your card?


  1. I cheated and scanned the pics our photographer did in October at Eliot's newborn session. Then I uploaded to Shutterfly and "made" cards.

    Love A's coat! hard to find classics like that and that's how I dress my Luci!

  2. You can't say you hate people who do them early and then ask for confessions.

    I guess that just was one, huh? ;-)

  3. Yeah. Crazy collage maker here. Glad you got it. :-)

    I am so weird, I know. I do start thinking of my card early. Like as soon as I finish making it for the year, I start thinking about next year. Can't help it. Won't be changing any time soon. Lucky for me, the husband tolerates it.

  4. Natasha: I think that's a pretty clever idea! Plus it's not really cheating since you bought the photos in the first place.

    Rochelle: I agree--and I'm sorry! I realize hate sounds too harsh and really isn't fair. I guess I should have said I was jealous of *some people's* planning and organization skills. :)

    Christie: I think it's fantastic you think ahead and your family goes along with it--I wish I was more like that. Your photo/card was AMAZING. Thank you!! And I'm sorry too if I sounded too snarky--that wasn't my intention at all. I'm just jealous of your foresight and creativity. :)

  5. Thanks to Twitter you know ours are done. All 7 of us are on the card, but it is a collage so no picture of all of us together. I used to not put Husband and me on the cards, but people started complaining. ;) So now we are all on it. I'm hoping for professional family pictures sometime next year, so I know I'll be ahead of the game.

    I hope you did get a good picture.

  6. Nicole: I think it's great you include your whole family on your card, and a collage is a fun way to do it. I always enjoy seeing everyone--not just the kids.

    I'm not thrilled with including myself in our card this year--but that's my fault--but it is what it is and I am what I am right now so...

  7. I am with you on this for sure! We don't have a picture and never do have a really good one, plus we make our cards every year because we foolishly set a precedence for doing that (and the Mister is an artist) so that means I have to rely on his time table every year. This means we're lucky if we get them out around the 21st!

  8. I feel the same way about including myself on our card; i just told myself that I would WOW everyone NEXT year when I look so much thinner.

    Right? Right? Please tell me I will look more like myself next year.

    I sent your card today :)

    I'm jealous you got one from Stie.

    I am the worst of both worlds; i plan ahead (way ahead), even get the photos taken early, gather addresses...and then my follow-through doesn't occur until it's getting almost too late. grrrr

  9. I am SO with you on being late this year..OK every year..we took family pictures in 37 degree weather here in Edmond, OK and of course like your weather it was windy, but sunny..and around noon the sun made it hard to get the right exposure. We did hire a professional to take ours so I didn't have to worry about it..but they will be saying "Happy Holidays" since they will be going out the day before Christmas Sigh..maybe next year I will get it all together! A girl can dream right?
    I love reading your blog! Great family Picture!

    Merry Christmas!


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