I Am Rabbit, Hear Me Roar

And watch me twitch my whiskers and thump my tail, because I'm fairly certain I am turning into a rabbit.

Why, you might wonder, am I turning into a rabbit?

Because I am on Week 2 of following a plant-based diet. As in I think I've become a vegetarian, but that term kind of freaks me out because I've always thought of vegans as Birkenstocks-with- socks-hemp-wearing-crunchy-granola-making types, so I hesitate to call myself one. And I might not be one forever because I'm not opposed to animal based products (but think maybe we don't need to eat SO MUCH of them) and wouldn't mind the occasional carnivorous snack.

I've mentioned before about trying to break up with sugar and made attempts to follow a healthier eating plan last year, but I soon lost my way and my bad habits quickly returned. I knew that once you got the junky food and the sugar out of your system your body (amazing machine that it is!) adapts and no longer craves junky food, but I could never get myself together enough to try it again (or I would make it one or two days and then dive face first into a bag of Golden Oreos or drive through Taco Bell and hate myself).

Before Christmas I visited Celia's blog and read about her amazing journey to becoming healthier and her success following a plant-based diet.

I was intrigued though not sure I could do it, but I bought the book, Eat to Live just in case.

Guess what? I can! I can!

Here's the basic daily plan:
1 pound raw vegetables
1 pound cooked vegetables
At least 4-5 fresh fruits
cooked starchy vegetables or whole grains
raw nuts and seeds
NO dairy products, animal products, or sugar

Believe it or not, the transition has not been that difficult (so far). I am actually enjoying my HUGE salads and fresh fruit and haven't felt deprived at all (for reals). My energy has been good, no crazy spikes or crashes, I also think my overall mood (AKA crankypant factor) has been much steadier and happier (for reals) and I'm sleeping better. I don't find myself feeling hungry as often either, and when I do it's not in that desperate must-stuff-these-chips-into-my-face-right-now-or-I-might-hurt-someone-kind-of-way.

So that's good.

I have not cheated with sugary treats or junky foods but am not going to beat myself up if we go out to eat Tex-Mex occasionally either (because I can't break up with Tex-Mex). In the spirit of full disclosure though I will admit that I haven't broken up with coffee yet (but I drink it with almond milk and no sugar) and realize that I should...so we'll see about that.

My plan is to follow this for at least six-weeks and see what happens.

I'm hopeful there will be visible changes.

(But no whiskers, floppy ears, cotton-ball tail, or big thumpy feet please.)


  1. Way to go! What an awesome change to make. I, on the other hand, might die if I put myself on a plant based diet. These days I only eat animal based products (i.e. I'm pretty sure the last time I ate a veggie was a week ago).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. What kinds of salads do you fix? I love a big salad and I actually crave them now without all the bad stuff like creamy dressing or bread to go with it. I didn't think that would ever happen. Way to go on a successful start!

  3. I've been high raw for a year and a half now (minus some of my pregnancy when I could only keep down cereal)and I feel SO good. I hope this works out for you. I find I have tons of energy (even with a newborn) and in general my body just feels so much better. I usually eat a cooked dinner (cooked fish, cooked lentils or beans, steamed veggies etc), or at least have some cooked components with it. My dehydrator has helped me warm things while still keeping them technically "raw" by definition. There are so many raw cookbooks out there too and raw blogs that were very helpful to me when I 1st started out. My favorite lunch is a huge salad (as in fils the biggest mixing bowl I have) filled with all kinds of raw veggies, 1 tbsp balsalmic dressing, nutritional yeast, and a handful of any kind of raw nuts. I need to try out some raw salad dressing recipes. I used to make my own but for convenience reasons am currently using (non-raw) store bought ones. I also switched to decaf coffee and tea about a year and a half ago and never looked back. My one vice remains Starbucks (decaf) lattes though.

  4. P.S. Since you are off dairy I feel compelled to remind you that the decaf SOY sugar-free vanilla latte at Starbuck's is to die for!!

    Have you tried making your own nut milk yet?

  5. That is awesome - yay you! I might have to check that book out. I have quite the sugar addiction myself. ugh.

  6. UGH! This just makes me feel guilty for the two candy bars I had for dinner last night...

  7. Wow-
    REally? You feel great?
    Please keep us updated! This is facsinating to me.

  8. I quit eating sugar, starchy vegtables, pop, etc 3 months ago and I've lost about 40 pounds. It is amazing what your body can do when it burns the fat in your body and not the sugar in your body.

  9. It's been a big shift because I was usually ignoring fresh fruit and vegetables and choosing junk instead, but now I'm learning how satisfying a clementine, pear or big salad can be. Weird. But GOOD.

    Anna: I usually eat 2 HUGE salads a day with a mix of spring greens, cabbage and kale, topped with beans, alfalfa sprouts, zuchinni, sliced raw almonds and/or a sprinkle of sunflower seeds, maybe also a sprinkle of ground flaxseed too. I'm probably cheating a bit with my dressing because I made one that uses vegetable oil (gasp!) but it's SO tasty (of course), but I'm trying to use it sparingly. I also use salsa sometimes as a dressing. It takes me close to 20-30 minutes just to eat it! But it is filling, tasty and I don't feel hungry immediately after.

    Thanks for your tips Natasha! I'm just getting into everything so I haven't tried too much yet--I wouldn't even know where to start to make nut milk. :) But I do like almond milk.

    Karen and Rochelle: That was my biggest motivation--I knew my sugar addiction was out of control and I had to stop pretty much cold turkey. I feel like even if I nibble on something sweet I'll be right back at square one. The good thing though is I'm not craving sweets like I was. YAY!

    Amber Kay: Congrats to you!! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Patsy: Thanks! I'll keep y'all posted on how everything goes. Hopefully I'll make it at least 6 weeks!

  10. sounds interesting. and good. I have really back tracked some and surely need some energy! one of our favorite salads is spinach, I make a dressing of olive oil and vinegar (not sure if those are on your list) with some Bragg's herbs, add blueberries and pecans. (we add feta cheese but that is prob not on your list, could try a substitute though)

    and we love almond milk too!

    keep us posted on your progress....might need to follow along....

  11. Silken: Oh yeah, I love me some spinach too. I think I'm supposed to eliminate or at least limit my oils, but I'm still using them on my salads. I don't think I could handle them as well with only cider vinegar or something--but who knows--I do watch how much I use though.

    I hope there WILL be progress!! :)

  12. Have you tried Walden Farms salad dressing? It's zero cal, zero fat, etc....however it's quite good!

  13. what do you have for breakfast?

  14. what do you have for breakfast?

  15. Silken: I've been having fruit and then a bit later a small bowl of whole grain oatmeal with cinnamon (an sometimes a cut up banana or blueberries). There are smoothie drinks to make to but I haven't read those recipes much--not sure what replaces the milk or yogurt.

  16. Good luck girl!

    I do good eating salads in the summer/warmer weather, but right now I just can't get excited about a salad. However, your salads do soung yummy!

    I also understand the coffee situaion! I just think that coffee is one of my moments of happiness that I would not like to give up.

    While drinking my coffee some times I think back to those women who where on trail rides tying to settle are country drinking coffee early in the morning...or those cowboys who were herding cattle who often only drank coffee and ate beans ...or those women who would spend time days canning togther talking over vast amounts of coffee (too many books-i know)

    Ok, I've gone a bit overboard, but I'm not giving up my coffee -Ha!

    Enjoy you cold weather down there!

  17. i'm like lacie-hard to do smoothies and salads in winter! but yum to the oatmeal! (didnt know if that was on your plan)

  18. The milk and yogurt in smoothies can be replaced with fruit or veg juice. I have even managed to get my kids to drink spinach smoothies! About oatmeal or oat bran-- I like to put a banana in my food processor and purée it, then add to my oatmeal and top with a spoon of almond butter or raw coconut butter.

    Can you tell I am excited you are doing this?!

  19. Thanks for all the tips Natasha! I'll have to give a spinach smoothie a try soon.:) I used to use our juicer quite a bit, I should bust it out again.

  20. Wow, this is quite a change so results are sure to follow! I hope you'll keep us posted and will take pictures of the things you're eating because I am clueless and don't know if I could last more than a day or so without feeling like I was eating the same thing over and over again. (Though I do that with the nonhealthy foods I eat all the time.)


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