A Runner Starts Over (um...again)

This morning I went for a run.

For reals.

3 miles.



My legs? Tight. That's what they were.

Because it was my first run wog in far, far too long.

And I see-sawed between liking it and hating it the entire time.

While I wogged along, I thought:

Where did my former running self go? Am I really the same girl who has run 2 marathons and handfuls of half marathons? Why have I had such a stop-start (mostly stop) relationship with running for the last 1.5 years? What's happened to me? Where did I go?

I don't know.
But I'm trying to find that girl again.

So if you're ever in my neck of the woods and you notice a wogging turtle slogging merrily (or not so merrily) along, it's most likely me. Feel free to give me a friendly honk, a fist bump or just raise your hand in a power to the running people wave.

I'm going to need it.

*Said in my best Seinfeld "Well, heellllllllooooooo" voice.


  1. Well Heeellllooo there
    I too am starting over running. I started last week with the couch to 5k program.
    I am training for the St.George marathon in October plus trying to get the last 20 pounds of baby weight off.
    So here is my online fist pump to you!!

  2. Just remember...once a runner always a runner! I am proud you got out there in this COLD weather! I sure it felt good once you got going! If I ever see you running, I will pull over and join you. ;)

  3. You go girl!!! Keep up the wogging! hahaha :)

  4. lol!

    I'm still bitter about the whole running thing...but I'm one to encourage a wogger!

    Get out there and Wog!

    Seriously, that needs to be printed on a shirt!

  5. Good for you for getting back out there. I can guess that your start and stop problem is related to frustration that you are no longer at the same fitness level and have to start over. That is how I am feeling. I have to constantly remind myself that it took over a year of dedicated exercise to get in the best shape of my life and it will take at least that long again. It is easy to get discouraged. So stay strong!

  6. Miss SassyLaLa: Thanks girl! Let's keep each other encouraged as we try to embrace the runner within.

    Heather: I'd love the company!

    Kim: Thanks! I'm gonna try to find my lost runner persona. It's around here somewhere.

    Lacie: I understand about the bitter. That's hard! I can't take credit for the wogging term though, Crystal coined it and I think it's the perfect combination of jogging and walking.

    Nicole: You are so right! Starting over is hard--and that's probably why I haven't stuck with it. I think I need to have a goal and/or a race in mind to commit to--that would help I'm sure.

    I hope 2011 is my running re-birth!

  7. Good for you for getting out there again!

  8. I love that you call it wogging. I'm even slower than that...I'll call it a waffle (walk/shuffle). Good for you for getting back out there!

  9. Anne: I like your waffle term--maybe I'm more of a waffler than a wogger. Haha.

  10. That is wonderful Holly! Good luck with this and your veggie eating - you are an inspiration :) I've started back up to, but am only up to 2.5 miles!

  11. Hahaha! You are so funny. For the 135th time, i am wishing we lived in the same neighborhood. We would have SUCH fun.

    Life ebbs and flows. Habits do, too. If you run, you are a runner. (will you repeat this back to me? Because I need to hear it from someone besides myself. I am in your same odd twilight-zone of my running life; where'd I go?)

    I went out for a run yesterday and thought, "Sheesh! I'm not even wogging! I'm on a woggle." Hideously close to waddling.

  12. So...true to my own "If you run, you are a runner" philosophy, I suppose it also follows that "If you wog, you are a woggler."

    Go Team Wogging!

  13. Holly!
    You are so awesome!!!
    I think it's fantastic that you are running again.

    Seriously inspired here.

  14. Happy Heart Michelle: Thanks girl! Congrats to you too for getting back out there. Let's keep encouraging each other.

    Crystal: I am with you girl! We'd have SOOO much fun if we lived near each other -- I know it! Thanks for your perspective and knowing that you are back out there too encourages me.

    Patsy: Thank you friend! I'm gonna try my best to e a runner again. :)

  15. maybe if I ever get my foot healthy we can wog together. that new year's day run was fun! i think i need a "race"/ event to train for too....

  16. I think any efforts in the wogging arena are to be praised and celebrated, so good for you!!


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