Saturday (I feel obligated to give this post a title but can't manage anything clever)

If there is a prize for Saturday morning inactivity I think I could easily win it. Even though Annelise was up until, oh I don't know, it could have been after midnight, she was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 8:30. We, however were not. Thankfully, she has learned to play quietly for a while until we begin to stir, or her tummy's hungry grumblings can no longer be ignored, whichever comes first.

Scott had to get himself together this morning though soon after A.'s Legos started clattering in order to go see the good people at H & R Block for some help. Apparently there is a discrepancy from our 2010 (2009) tax return or something. Oops is all I can say about that. I am trusting that Scott will make heads or tails of all those numbers and forms and I will only have to offer an encouraging nod along with a,"Good job, honey" because I don't know nothin' 'bout doin' no taxes (said in my best Butterfly McQueen "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies, Miss Scarlett!" voice).
Annelise and I are still in our PJs and it looks like this trend will continue for most of the day.

I love days like this.

Last night we had a few of our favorite families over for supper and so forth which ended up being loads of fun with a side dish of crazy but that's just the way we like it. I have no pictures of the evening because being the stellar photographer that I am (snort) I forgot to pick up my camera. I'm kind of mad at myself because 1) I have no pictures to spice up this post and B.) I realize I need to do better at documenting the candid, ordinary, daily moments and not just the photo-op posed stuff after an event or accomplishment (know what I mean, Vern?).

We all enjoyed a yummy breakfast buffet for supper consisting of my new hands-down favorite breakfast casserole, piggies in their blankets, sausage balls, fruit, bubble bread and crescent cream coffee cake.

Um, yeah, we ate well, that's what we did.

And, yeah, I went off my plan but I didn't party like 1999 either. I ate the fruit, casseroles, etc. but...

Wait, are you sitting down? Good.

I did NOT partake of the bubble bread or coffee cake. Did. not. eat. any.

Aren't you proud of me?

Believe me, I was tempted to nibble a little but I was scared that even a taste would trigger my almost dormant but very evil sweet tooth and I would have a set back. And since this whole sorta vegan thing is new and fragile I'm scared to threaten it too much, which is what the mouth-watering sweets would do, I'm fairly certain. I want to get to a point where a bite or two or a small portion of a treat is enough and I'm satisfied with it and not feel like it's my duty to finish the whole platter/pan/box or bag (know what I mean, Vern?).

And with that my friends I'd better close. It's time to schlep on into the kitchen in my PJs and rustle up some vittles. And by vittles I mean salad.

Happy weekending y'all!


  1. good for you for not even taking a bite of the sweets! I'm sure you feel better not eating them. I'm like you, it's too soon to test out a bite or two....I'm sure it will be worth it in the long run! hang in there!

    (good thing I'm not on that eating plan right now-this weekend we have been celebrating my son's 18 birthday-and I mean lots of sweets!!!)

  2. Wow, that is seriously impressive, especially the resisting of the coffee cake! Good for you!


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