Five for Friday

1. First of all, thank you all so much for commenting on my last post about our (pinch me, I'm dreaming) upcoming NYC trip. Our list of must-dos and would-be-nice-to-dos and let's feed our face here and then over there has grown thanks to your wonderful suggestions. We're still talking in circles (still mostly me) but your tips and advice have been most helpful and very much appreciated. Y'all are beyond fabulous!!

2. Since Scott and I had our trip planned for next week we agreed not to exchange valentines because, hello, you can't top NYC. So guess what was beside our back door when we came home from the Salad Express Monday night (which is so fancy-schmancy and schmoopsie romantical on Valentine's Day, I know)? A box of tulips. That little stinker. I felt like a chump because I actually listened to me when we said no gifts.
Aren't they purty?

3. Annelise and I got ourselves all gussied up in pink Sunday in honor of Valentine's Day.
And most of the time during church and then lunch I was distracted by the feeling my tights were slowly working their descent toward my ankles and I had to keep discreetly (I hope) tugging at them, which was fun. (These pics were for a What I Wore Wednesday post that never quite materialized.)

4. Annelise's class Valentine party went well and was low key (my favorite kind). The kids made ice cream sundaes, which was a hit. I took pictures of each boy and girl and guess which was the only one to come out blurry? Yep. My girl. Because she is such a mover and a shaker.
Then after their massive sugar consumption they opened their valentines and worked on their scrapbook, which consisted of gluing the card and writing down who it was from. They seemed to like doing it, it took the rest of the party time and they each had a valentine keepsake to take home. Over the past few days Annelise has enjoyed looking through it again and again, so that's good.
5. If you think this looks like a pot covered with yellow polka dots you would be right.
I am hopeful though that in a few short hours it will resemble a beautiful pot covered with colorful flowers created by 12 first-grade thumbs, paint, googly eyes, bright jewels and stones that will make proud parents greedily bid on it at the upcoming school auction.
Since paint, glue and don't forget those 12 first-grade thumbs will be involved, I'm a bit anxious. And twitchy.
Wish me luck.

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. I'm crushing on your pink necklace. And I hate when tights do that. Actually mine do more of a roll. Slowly rolling under my gut. Then further and further. And further.

  2. You look fab. Also, the scrapbook/valentines/keepsake idea is brilliant for a class party.
    Have a great time in NYC!

  3. Hope we get to see the final flower pot!

    Hate it when tights or hose do that "going south" thing.

  4. Outfit is so cute! Love the gray and pink together. Also love the scrapbook idea--very smart.

  5. We said no gifts this year for Valentines day either. Thankfully- I had something "stashed" away and quickly wrapped it up in some pink polka dot paper with a red bow.... eek!!


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