Like a Snow Day. But Not.

So um... yeah. This pretty much sums up how Houston overreacts to the possibility of snow. Annelise is going to be highly disappointed when she wakes up (think Sally leaving the pumpkin patch after the Great Pumpkin was a no-show).

Stay warm y'all!


  1. That was funny. It is rather disappointing when a "big storm" never arrives. We had one a warning back in December that had the state in a tizzy but it didn't really materialize for most of the state. Weird.

  2. That's hilarious! I grew up in North Carolina and have tried to explain to my "snow bunny Utah" kids that everyone panics if they see so much as a flurry in the sky. This does a great job of that!

  3. hahahahaa!
    Oh this has us laughing!
    It's perfect-
    I hope you live through the cold- and please-

  4. hil-freaking-arious!

    So very very true. Only, we actually got the snow and the cold this time. My kids have been in heaven for 4 days.


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