Procrastination Wins Again

So we are approximately 36 hours from wheels up and our bags are packed, our house is clean and we are just idly twiddling our thumbs waiting to board the plane.

Um, not.

Have y'all met me?

The truth is I've got loads upon loads to do and I am sitting here typing a blog post.

Y'all do know me.

But at least I have one less thing to do now that I have put the finishing touches on Annelise's class art project for their auction. Whaddya think? (I really don't care to cut another circle for quite some time, thankyouverymuch.)
Now I have plenty of time to decide what shoes to pack, clean the house, gather Annelise's things (a hefty task I assure you) and fret about leaving our daughter for the first time ever and actually being miles and miles apart for five days.

Oh the guilt.

But oh the excitement too.

Are y'all early bird packers or procrastinator packers? Do you feel the unavoidable urge to clean the house before a trip too?


  1. Have fun in NY. We live just outside of DC and go to NY every chance we get. Here are a few ideas.

    You can get Junior's cheesecake in Brooklyn or go to the bottom level of grand central station.

    If you go to customer service at Macys and show them your out of state DL you get coupons. Also, the cellar (basement) of Macys has some of the best NYC things to buy for gifts.

    Eat a pretzel and hot dog from the cart. Get a bagel and cream cheese from a local deli for breakfast.

    NYC police officers know all the good places to eat. If you need a suggestion, ask.

    Canal Street also has good shopping if you want shirts and things like that.

    I hope you have a great time.

    The Empire State Building is best at night. The lines are not as long and the view is amazing.

  2. I do clean my house before I leave. Dishwasher has to be empty. All clothes have to be put away. etc etc. But I do not fully pack until the day of the trip. Thus my rule for never flying before noon if I can help it. And I always over-pack. Enjoy New York! So excited for you.

  3. the flower pot is great!

    and have so much fun on your trip! A. will be fine, an adventure of her own.

    I have to have the house clean before I leave, even for a short trip, but especially for a long one! can't wait to see all your photos from your NYC adventure!

  4. I'm a procrastional packer! Surprise, surprise! I love the house to be clean but it doesn't always get that way. However, it's a great thing to come home to! I hope you guys have a wonderful time...enjoy.

  5. I'm a procrastinator packer, too. If there's another way I'm not familiar with it.

    And oh my heck, definitely have to have the house clean before I leave. Drives my husband crazy. "At least the burglars that come to rob our house while were away will be able to find everything quickly and easily," my hubby jokes.

    Have a great trip.

  6. I try to clean, especially if someone is going to be here watching the kids. I tend to make a list and do some packing in advance, but of course some things can't go in until the last minute because I'm using it up until we leave. Can't wait for a recap!


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