In case anyone has been waiting with bated breath these last few days due to the impending blizzard that was predicted to fall on our heads, you can all exhale and carry on with your merry lives.

Because nothing happened.

Except it was bitterly cold and there were rumors of ice.

Annelise was crushed (and rightly so).

In other news, my sweet daddy celebrated his 70th birthday on Saturday. At home!!
He and Peggy came home from the hospital Thursday afternoon (cue happy dance) and it's such a happy sight to see him back where he belongs.

Saturday also brought with it much missed sunshine and Annelise of course felt it her duty to get out there and revel in it. Whether riding her bike, digging in the dirt, swinging from a rope, climbing trees...
or honing her killer basketball skills.
Because the silly faces?
She's definitely got those nailed.
We finished up Saturday with fajitas at Lupe Tortilla. And after being cooped up for 2 days for the no-show snow, everyone in our area apparently had the same idea because packed? That's what it was. Thank goodness for their giant sandbox play area and the patio torches. Scott and I watched The Social Network later that night on PPV and kept kicking ourselves for not thinking of The Facebook first.

As if.

How was your weekend?


  1. Last summer I read the book that the social network movie was based on and the book was MUCH better!

    The "blizzard" here in New Orleans helped me get Thursday and Fri off work!

  2. What a great reward for your dad to get to be home to celebrate his 70th birthday!

    How funny that everyone was cooped up for 2 whole days because of the chilly weather!

  3. i told you should have sat at my parents table at lupe! ;) mackenzie had not had a nap all day, so dinner out was just not worth trying! it was good to see you even if it was for just 2 seconds!

  4. I could have given you some of our snow. I'm just sayin'.

  5. We loved the Social Network. He was portrayed as so awful but kind of funny, too. I want to read the book now.

    I was SO happy when I read that your Dad is home and that his surgery went SO well. Praise God!!! :)

  6. We really did have snow, as the whole country knows thanks to the big football game that happened this weekend. I finally left the house Saturday, after not going anywhere since Monday. We had lunch at a restaurant that was surprisingly not crowded and I am still dreaming of the cheese dip I had (Logan's Roadhouse). Then we went to Kroger and I stood in line longer than I shopped and my poor family sat in the car for an hour. Booo. More snow expected for us on Wednesday!

  7. Oh, and so glad your Dad got to celebrate his birthday at home!

  8. Here in the Tulsa area, we had a record 21" of snow. Six foot snow drifts are so cool looking but I am really hating the snow about now!

  9. Hooray for some nice basketball playin', mex eatin' weather. And triple hooray for your daddy coming HOME!


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