Broncs, Bull Rides and Tweenyboppers...Oh My

We reached a milestone over the weekend.

Our sweet little seven year old attended her very first concert.

The fact that there was a rodeo attached to it barely softens this blow.

I think I thought I was ready for this milestone, but as it turns out I have mixed feelings.

(Really, are you surprised?)

Annelise of course was tickled pink to the very tip of her pink cowboy boots to get to see Selena Gomez live in person and the rodeo was just a means to that end (but she was excited about that too).
Once we parked (which in and of itself was a challenge) she was beyond ready to move along little doggies and get inside, having no patience to pose for pictures in the bright sunshine.
Even though we sat up in the rafters of Reliant Stadium and most of the rodeo action resembled teeny cowboy hat bedecked ants unless we watched the Jumbotron screens, we enjoyed the events, especially the bronc riding, bull riding and barrel racing. The calf scramble was fun too and for some reason Jimmy Fallon and his sidekick were there in the midst of it too, so watch for that on his upcoming shows soon. Annelise's favorite event was at the end when they had a mutton bustin', which involved several helmeted youngsters (5 & 6 year olds?) trying to*ride* sheep for 8 seconds (much like the bull riding but much cuter and safer).
She also loved the popcorn.
Finally, after all the Ro-De-O-ing, came the highlight of the day (at least for Annelise and thousands of other pre-tweeny girls filling the stadium).

Enter Selena Gomez and cue the pop music.
Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about Selena but I've listened to a few of her songs and--so far--she presents a bubbly, cute and fairly squeaky clean image. Annelise L-O-V-E-D her in the Ramona & Beezus movie (but doesn't watch her TV show) but it wasn't until another little girl in her class started obsessing about Justin Bieber and Selena that Annelise jumped on the SG bandwagon. And of course she's over the moon about Justin too.

And Scott and I caved.

But we won't make things like this a habit because I'm just not ready for her to enter Tweenybopperville.

But Selena put on a cute show, there wasn't anything that made us cringe or anything except when she dedicated a song to all the moms and dads and broke out in Pat Benatar's Love is a Battlefield.

Scott and I felt so old.
It made me feel good though to see Annelise in the midst of all the concert action and random little girls (and their moms) dancing in the aisles like this...
boots up, elbows on knees (or crossed in front of her) just listening to the music and keeping her eyes glued on Selena.

Not quite aware of Tweenybopperville.

Just the way I like it.


  1. The photo of momma and daughter boots to PERFECTLY Texan!!! And I agree...I'm not ready for her to enter Tweenybopperville either! Glad you had fun! :)

  2. hope it stays that way as long as possible...cuz it gets here no matter how hard we try!

  3. LOVE the boot photo. DO NOT LOVE the fact that she's old enough to enjoy a concert. Wow! Time has flown!

  4. Mutton bustin' might very well be my favorite part of a rodeo. My little brother won a mutton bustin' contest one year and brought home a trophy twice as big as he was. Cutest thing.

    And I love the boot picture too. So cute.


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