Five for Friday

Since it's Friday me thinks it's time for another short list. Join me won't you?

1. I said I wasn't going to get sucked into American Idol this season, having broken up with it several seasons ago. It was dead to me. But then JLo and Steven Tyler are announced as judges and they actually have constructive and quirky things to say and I get to see how Steven and JLo do their hair, outfits and make-up each week? Count me in, sign me up, pass the cheeseball with extra nuts, I am so there.

I think America in all it's collective voting wisdom (sarcasm implied) got it oh so wrong this week, but at least the judges stepped up and saved Casey (as if they wouldn't?!?!).

2. Last night after supper we tried to play Apples to Apples (Junior).
I say tried because while it seems like a very fun game it might be better suited to a crowd larger than say, oh...three.
Annelise loved it because she ended up convincing The Judge twice so she ended up with two cards to my one and to Scott's none. So there's that.

3. Is it wrong to say I am dreading Mother-Daughter tap class tonight, donning the ridunkulous costume next week for pictures and that there is a pit of extra dread in my stomach about trying to tap dance on stage in front of you know, actual people, in 1.5 months? The teensy tiny good news is that now we are practicing with our daughters, Miss Jane is breaking everything down into more manageable sections each week to learn so it's slightly less blur like. We're even going to the extra practice session before the real class tonight because, well, there's no way to soften the brutal truth...I stink.

4. This time last month we were in New York. Sigh. Thinking about it makes me happy and a bit wistful at the same time because I'd love to go back, like in the blink of a heartbeat. And yes, it's fun to make up new phrases, why do you ask?

5. Finally, Annelise and I have been be-bopping, clapping and na-na-ing ourselves silly thanks to this fun song. The video is quirky and rather random, in other words perfect. Enjoy!

Happy, happy weekend friends!


  1. ok...so, you are coming at 5?? Yipee! Don't worry...you will get the dance and you will look ever so cute in your costume...fringe and all.

  2. I somehow missed the costume when you posted it. I'm sorry you have to wear that. Annelise will forever love you for doing this though. Video for us? Please?

  3. Oh, and Apples to Apples is great fun with a large group of silly adults who may or may not consume adult beverages on occasion.

  4. I ended up having to go to tap class solo because Annelise came home from school early with a fever. :( I felt extra silly dancing by myself--but at least I got a bit more practice.

    Nicole: I am in total denial about our costumes. Ugh!


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