It's Not Easy Being Green

Don't let the looks of this frighten you, remember looks can be deceiving.
That, my friends, is a spinach smoothie, of which I have become quite a fan.

As in almost daily.

As in making emergency runs to HEB for spinach instead of Double Stuff Golden Oreos and Ben & Jerry's.

Which is probably a good thing on so many levels.

Here's how I usually whip up a batch of yummy green goodness:

*Pour 8oz. plain almond milk into blender
*stuff in a few handfuls of spinach
*blend until smooth (be patient, it might take a minute unless you have a supersonic mega blender)
*assess level of green and possibly add a bit more spinach, blend
*add banana, fresh pineapple and 2T ground flaxseed
*blend again until smooth

You can add any fruit you like (fresh or frozen). Smoothies are great for using up any bruised or almost too ripe fruit, instead of tossing it, blend it up into a healthy drink.

I realized I've now been vegetarian(ish) for three months and really couldn't imagine going back to the way I was eating. I mean, it could happen if I get lazy and stop making good choices, but I don't plan on going back. Am I a perfect vegetarian(ish)? Um...NO, not at all. But overall I've made some big changes in my food choices and habits and that's what counts. I still eat a LOT of salads and a LOT of fresh fruit, but have also struggled with bad nibbles too. Have y'all noticed all the pretty Easter candy on sale? Yeah. Why can't I just be Dione Warwick and walk on by?After eating *cleaner* for a while I'm much more quick to notice an ICK feeling after eating junk/fast food or refined sugar/sweets, as in I feel sluggish, more irritable or get a headache.

Clearly it's true why they call it junk food. Duh.

This week I am trying to add in more some exercise (because while I made food changes I certainly didn't add in consistent exercise these last 3 months). I am curious to see how I feel, as in will I be hungrier and what will I choose to satisfy an increased hunger. We shall see. I also want to shake things up a bit since my body has probably gotten used to what I've been eating and I may have hit a plateau as far as weight loss goes.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. nice! we love smoothies, will have to try the spinach. do you remove the stems first? good choices always feel better! good work!

  2. Silken: Thanks! Nope, I just stuff the spinach in there like it is. It takes a while for my blender to mix it up so I add a little at a time.

  3. SOOOOOOO proud of you! I want to try one...hint hint! :)

  4. Yay for you! I love my green smoothies too. I find that like you I feel better when I eat better and I also have more energy. Blue Diamond vanilla almond milk is one of my best friends. (I know it has cane sugar in it, that's probably why I like it so much. Sigh.) I go thru 3 to 4 large (1 pound boxes) of spinach a week between smoothies and salads. Most of it I eat raw but lately have started to sautee with a little olive oil. Just because olive oil makes everything better . . .

  5. I use the vanilla almond milk in my coffee--you are right, it's YUM.

    I'm going to try sauteing some spinach soon. That sounds good and I'm in need for a new twist on it.


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