New York: Part One

(Don't cha like my clever title?)

Last Thursday, after a pleasant early bird flight, a ride on the JFK air train, our first ride of many on the New York subway system through Queens and Brooklyn, our first chat with an actual New Yawkah about which stop to disembark (she was quite helpful) Scott and I rose up from the depths of the subway terminal and exited this elevator at what turned out to be Columbus Circle.
I'm not positive, but I think there were angels singing Hallelujah. Or maybe that was me.

We had arrived.

And it was a jaw dropping moment as we took it all in for a while, resembling hicks in town for the state fair or something what with our bags and dumbfounded expressions (me more so than Scott).
I think I punched Scott in the arm (lightly) and started babbling things in a high pitched voice punctuated by giggles, like Look! There's Central Park! There's that globe thingie I've seen on TV! Is that Trump Tower?!
Look! There are so many tall buildings everywhere...and taxis! I can't believe we're here! Oh look! Wanna get a hotdog right there on the street?! Do ya? Huh? Do ya?

And so forth and so on.

At that point Scott may have started to worry that this was going to be a long five days with me.
After schlepping our bags for a few blocks we checked into our hotel which was conveniently located mid-town/theater districtish, not too far from Times Square.
We dropped off our bags, freshened up a bit (mostly me) and took to the streets.
Our first stop was to fortify ourselves with some much needed lunch, which Ellen's Stardust Diner quickly provided.
This place was a lot of fun (if Annelise had been with us she would've loved it) because the waiters and waitresses sing while you eat. They were all quite good and made our first meal in the city highly enjoyable even though we had to sit at a table the size of a cracker (they save the booths for parties of three or more) and my spinach salad and Scott's meatloaf cost more than a small car. This was our waitress, Babs, performing:
After lunch we made our way over here:
where we watched a lot of this happening...
and took the requisite tourist-y photos. See?
We decided to go ahead and try to do the NBC Studio tour and go up to The Rock observation deck.
The studio tour was booked until Saturday or Sunday, so we got tickets for Sunday morning and then went on up to the Top of the Rock, where the wind was brisk and the views, while overcast, were still breathtaking.
Looking uptown over Central Park and then downtown past the Empire State Building.
We recovered from the bitter cold with coffee (me) and hot chocolate (Scott) downstairs at a Starbucks (one of a jillion) where Scott's debit card was declined for the second time (first time when buying Top of the Rock tickets). While that was not only embarrassing, it was also troubling because we were only a few hours into our five day spree. He called his bank and it turned out they had flagged his card since purchases were coming in from New York City and they were worried about fraud. It was kind of funny listening to him explain that we were actually on vacation (it's been a while folks) and he was the one trying to make purchases in New York.
We decided we didn't have time to go back to the hotel before our show, so we wandered around a while in Rockefeller Center and...
made our way down to Times Square along with a million other people.
We didn't go inside M&M World, but just seeing these colorful little guys twirling around made me happy.
Soon it was time to make our way over to the Gershwin Theater because, pinch me I'm dreaming, we were going to see this:
Oh my goodness.
The music.
The story.
The actors.
The sets.
The costumes.
On Broadway.
In New York.

It was perfection.
And Scott liked it too.

We stumbled out of the theater in a daze of enchantment and extreme hunger so we hoofed it back in the direction of our hotel to find overpriced, mediocre nourishment at the Brooklyn Diner in the form of a hamburger (me) and chicken soup (Scott). Soon we were back in our hotel room, exhausted to our roots, drifting off to sleep with the sounds of The City (cars, horns and the occasional siren) lulling us to dreamland.

Stay tuned for NYC: Part Two...or the one where my feet fell off.


  1. WOW! That's quite the first day. Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. My feet fell off on day two too! :) Looking forward to hearing more....off to a great start!
    woo hoo!

  3. One of my favorite things about NYC is the noise. I love hearing the traffic, sirens, horns, etc at all hours of the night..

  4. amazing! I know I would have been squealing too! and Wicked on Broadway...wow! can't top that! can't wait to see the next installment....

    (and while inconvenient, I guess it was good that the bank was being cautious)

  5. AweSOME!!!!!! That ';s all I can say!!! :)


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