New York: Part Two

Our second day in New York dawned rainy, windy and bitterly cold.

But who cares because we were in New York, right?

(Well, I kind of cared, but what are you gonna do?)

This particular rainy day seemed like the perfect day to spend soaking up art and culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

And every other tourist and rain-o-phobe had exactly the same idea.

But who cares because we were in New York, right?

(Well, I kind of cared, but what are you gonna do?)
Once we checked our coats, rented an audio set (for me) and started out on our journey we'd already spent close to an hour and hadn't seen one stinkin' piece of art.

See, I needed that audio set because clearly I'm so cultured and have a rich appreciation for art.

We set off in the direction of Egypt first...where I saw a bust of myself before coffee (see top right below).
And maybe I'm slightly morbid, but my favorite Egyptian exhibits were the ones with the sarcophagi, mummies and burial details. There I go again with the high-brow culture.

Next we wandered through the arms and armour exhibit, spending most of the time imagining how knights moved at all, much less rode horses into battle and fought. And we felt sorry for the horses too.
We then wandered through the American wing for a while, later wondering why the portraits by American artists are displayed library style along rows and rows of glass shelves instead of displayed in rooms like the European Masters.

It was about that time we realized the enormity of the museum (hello, the Met should have its own zip code), that we would have to choose more judiciously which exhibits we wanted to see and do something quickly about our aching feet and rumbling tummies (mostly mine).
So we made a beeline for the cafeteria, which turned out to be fairly good. My mushroom ravioli was tasty and I was actually quite giddy to purchase a pear for my dessert.

After lunch we set out to take in as much of the European artists that we could. Now remember how high-brow and artsy I am (snort), but even I was getting a little tired of walking through room after room of nekkid women and nekkid baby boys. Imagine my delight when we finally stumbled into the 19th and 20th century European paintings and sculpture rooms. I wish we had found this area earlier (or knew a direct path to it) because I could have spent hours there.
(Pardon my creative license of putting a Mary Cassat in with the collage of Picassos, VanGoghs, Degases etc., I couldn't leave an empty spot.)

We finished up our day-o-culture browsing through the greek sculpture (well, actually that was Scott, I glanced at them from my perch on a chair because my dogs were a barkin'). The museum was amazing, but also exhausting and by the time we stumbled outside onto the steps our brains were mush. But I'm glad we saw as much as we could and I'd love to go back again sometime.

We snagged a taxi (Scott was still a little leary of the subway system and hadn't spent any time yet trying to figure it out yet) and popped over to FAO Schwartz, because after standing on your feet in a mammoth museum for hours what else do you want to do than shop in a crowded toy store? We looked around some but I think my favorite part was finding a clear ledge in the Lego section upon which I could plant my behind for a while and rest my throbbing feet. Memories. Needless to say I was unmotivated to take any photos while we were there.

Recovery was quick though, or maybe I just sucked up my pain and journeyed on like a good soldier, down the street to Dylan's Candy Bar. Again, there are no pictures. In my defense, I tried to snap some but as I had my lens aimed at the colorful lollypop display on their ceiling surrounded by bins of candy galore, a lady asked me not to and I wimped out. She wasn't even dressed like an employee but she said she was affiliated with the company. Oh well, the good girl side of me obeyed, but the devil on my shoulder is bitter.

Just a few short blocks more and our weary feet brought us to this divine place:
Not only was the interior quirky and the food tasty, there was this delightful concoction:
In the cheesy words of Jerry Maguire, "Frozen hot chocolate, you complete me."
And Scott liked it too.

Another short cab ride dropped us off at 34th street where we popped into the largest and original Macy's (Scott bought new shoes and socks because his old ones were leaky and he'd been slogging around in wet socks all day, which is such fun. Did you know Macy's has wooden escalators? Kind of old-fashioned and charming in the midst of such modern chaos.) We also popped into H&M, which was nearby, only because I've heard raves about it and we don't have them in Texas. I was no where near being motivated to shop, so that kind of stank, but at least I can say I've been to H&M now.

We capped off the night here:I tried to imagine I was Meg Ryan or Deborah Kerr rushing up to the top to meet Tom Hanks or Cary Grant (notice how I skipped the whole being hit by a cab part), but mainly...
I was just tickled pink that there were no. lines. at. all. We walked right in, bought our tickets and hopped into the elevators (well, after a short bag check of course).
The view was, of course, gorgeous.
We paused for a self-portrait in the mirrored walls looking back over the glittery city.
And with that we called it a night.

And walked back to our hotel.

22 blocks*.

Why didn't we take a taxi or the subway or even a bus, you might ask?

Well, Scott was scared worried about taking the subway at night and we hadn't spent any time yet trying to make much sense of how the trains ran, etc.; I was feeling stubborn about paying for another taxi when we had spent $$ on two unlimited subway cards and weren't using them and while Scott felt confident he knew which bus to take, we never saw one at that time of night and it was too cold to stand by the curb waiting.

Did I mention we were hick tourists?

*We did take a restorative break for coffee (me), hot chocolate (Scott) and cheesecake (both) at a place called Lindy's during our Trail of Tears back to the hotel.

Stay tuned...more of our NYC adventures to come.


  1. What fun! And these words capture my own particular experience very much of the time:
    "the good girl side of me obeyed, but the devil on my shoulder is bitter."


  2. Sounds like you had a blast! What fun!!! And such the tourist...love the pictures!

  3. love the amazing view!! you sure had an adventurous day. too bad you didn't try the subway...oh, and the museum looks fantastic....

  4. glad you made it to serendipity! we hit the one in las vegas last summer.

  5. These pictures are amazing!! You surely had a blast on your day 2 at New York, not to mention that yummy frozen hot chocolate you had. Now, I'm craving for that one too.:-)

  6. Wow, you guys got a lot of things done in NYC! We've been there several times and I always feel like everything takes so long and there's always so much more I want to do!


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