Of Cereal and Art (Or it's late and I can't think of a clever title to save my life)

If you've been a faithful reader of my li'l ol' blog for a while (and by the way thanks ever so much, muah) you know that we go all out for St. Patrick's day around here. If you are new to my blog, prepare yourselves, you might not be able to handle this much celebration all in one sitting.

Are you ready? Okay...here we go...
Annelise got to eat Lucky Charms cereal this morning.

In a chartreuse Fiesta bowl no less.

And there you have it.

Don't feel bad, I like to set the bar pretty high.

In other news, Annelise and I decided to embrace our artistic side with a trip downtown to the art museum today. Would you be surprised if I told you that at 42 years old, and living in the Houston area all my life, today was the first day I'd ever darkened the door of the Museum of Fine Arts? It's oh so sad and oh so true. I think our recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art sparked an interest in art within me that I didn't know I had (sad and true, again).

When I saw that several paintings from the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C are currently on exhibit here I knew it was something I didn't want to miss and I wanted to share it with Annelise.

But how do you sell a visit to an art museum in the middle of Spring Break to a seven year old, especially when Peggy's grandsons are visiting and there are balls to bounce, trees to climb, creeks to explore and tag to play?

You call it a mother-daughter date, promise a yummy lunch and to be home by 2:00.

Annelise and I wandered around a bit first, pausing for a self portrait in this cool light tunnel.
But it's never fun to wait in line, especially when you are seven and there are no rollercoaster or water rides as a reward for your patience.
Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long before our turn to enter the galleries.
I couldn't take photos inside these galleries, so you'll just have to imagine all of the beautiful Manets, Monets, Degases, Renoirs, Van Goghs, Cassats, Seurats, Cezannes, etc.

These galleries were the most crowded but Annelise was a trooper. She liked the paintings of children and dogs the best, lingering at those a bit longer than landscapes or still life.

After viewing the impressionist masters we explored the other European galleries where we soon found the nice volunteers who handed out free sketching materials. Annelise was SO excited and immediately knew what she wanted to sketch.She said she chose this bird because it was almost a flamingo and wanted to draw it for me. Isn't that so sweet?
I've never *gotten* abstract or more modern art, but I did enjoy trying to *get* it. I really liked this Kadinsky (and Annelise liked the fact he was Russian).
This later Monet...
and even this Picasso. I think.
I even liked the Pollack's and de Koonig's too (but I couldn't take photos in those galleries).

It took me quite a while to decide which work I would try to sketch, finally deciding on the third time walking by to try my hand at The Corn Poppy.
I don't know why, but I just loved her. A lot.

Don't laugh or anything but here's my sketch.
It was actually quite fun to do although I felt awkward having others walk by, possibly peeking over my shoulder as I self-consciously sketched.

I think I should probably keep my day job.

(Wait a minute, I don't have one.)

All in all we had a delightful mother-daughter date and hopefully absorbed a bit of culture along with a snippet or two of art appreciation.


  1. sounds like fun! I haven't been to the MFA in quite a few years - at least 6 or 7. next time you could offer to take her to the children's museum down the street after you visit the art museum so that each of you could have you could visit your own special museum!

  2. very cool! good sketch I say! I've only been to MFA once or twice, once was for a Star Wars exhibit they had when my son was 6!!! If you are interested, there is also another free art museum in Houston, the Menil collection. nice small museum. (though one hall is...um...adult only-I did not stay in there!)


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