Picture Day: Or Fins, Fishnet Gloves and Stage Make-Up

Scurrying off to dance class right after school each Monday is always an adventure, not only in time management (a skill in which I'm sorely lacking), 20 MPH school zone navigation, snack distribution and overseeing quick-fire wardrobe changes in the back seat all while keeping my cheery disposition. Ahem.

And that's just on regular dance days.

Imagine picture day.

I never thought I'd hear myself utter, "Pick up your fins and hustle!" between my clenched teeth, but I did yesterday as we speed walked toward the studio, juggling a tote bag, jazz costume, purse, dance bag and camera while also holding my mermaid's hand as we crossed the street.
The second act of the recital this year will be the play Peter Pan and Annelise's class will be dancing a ballet routine, well...as mermaids. In sparkly fin-pants and a faux bikini top jumpsuit no less.
Her second dance number will be a jazz routine to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot".
Which she was highly excited to perform.
But I don't think her hat was supposed to be that far to the right. Oops.
But can I just get something off my chest?

What was up with all the young girls sporting full-on, stage performance worthy make-up for picture day? Annelise's class has girls in mostly first and second grades and several of them had on more make up than I ever wear. I mean, I don't think a seven or eight year old really needs smoky eyes.

I found it highly creepy.
Annelise was just thrilled to get to wear sparkly pink lip gloss.

Which made me feel much better.


  1. What a Cutie!
    I love the lip gloss & really, all that makeup looks RICICULOUS on little girls! Seriously?

    do you get to keep the costumes? I love the mermaid! I hope she can wear that for Halloween or something- score.

    Why is picture day so stressful? Any picture day for any occasion- nearly puts me over the edge.

  2. I can imagine she is having such a blast. E has a performance in June and i hoping that there will be no make-up involved - I agree it is creepy. Cute photos Holly!

  3. I love the mermaid costume! So cute. I totally agree with the makeup thing. Is it really necessary for pics? I think not. Lip gloss is perfect and Annelise looks beautiful!

  4. Amen on make-up overload on tiny tot dancers. I went to a dance competition a week or two ago and almost died at the amount of make-up on the dancing beauties. Wow!

  5. I'm with you on the makeup. Just one of many reasons I am happy we are not dancing anymore.

  6. I certainly don't have a problem with wearing some (but within reason) for a stage performance or if your daughter is fair skinned and needs a bit of mascara or something for pictures BUT I kid you not, most of these girls--7 & 8 year olds (and some younger girls from other classes) had FULL on, heavy handed, made-up faces. Shiver.

  7. I let Luci wear mascara and lipstick and a little blush for her summer drama camop performances but I am with you 100%. Girls should look like GIRLS not hookers! I don't like make-up or costumes that make my babies look like miniature adults, gross.

  8. Oh and the thought of finding a bathing suit for my 10 year old already has me concerned this season. Thank goodness her day camp requires one pieces only!

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