Sk8tr Grrl

Thanks to the generosity of an older neighbor girl Annelise is now the proud owner of her very own gently used skateboard.

Or perhaps it's sk8tbrd?

We're not really down with the sk8tr lingo. And I only know sk8tr because our local sk8t place changed its name to FunSk8t a few years back in what I can only imagine was an effort to attract the hip sk8tr crowd.

(Is there even a hip sk8tr crowd?)

Or maybe they just forgot how to use vowels properly.


Since we are knee deep into the middle of Spring Break this new-to-her toy was a welcome sight. Of course she immediately declared she knew everything there is to know about sk8tng and thought she was hot stuff rolling up and down our driveway.
Her favorite thing to do is pop it up with her foot eleventy thousand times in a row, because that's cool. Or awesome. I forget.
Shh...don't tell anyone but there is a picture of Barbie on the bottom of her new sk8tbrd.

Or is it Brb?

Most of the time as she sk8td by she acted like she was too cool to smile. See?
But I was patient and knew one would eventually break free.
'Cuz sk8tr grls r nvr 2 cool 2 :).


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