Tuesday: A Short List

1. Thanks y'all so much for your thoughtful and supportive comments on yesterday's post. I almost didn't hit publish on that one since I was worried how it might be perceived (complain-y or pity partyesque), yet it did convey some feelings that have been stewing over the last week or so. I try not to wallow on those mixed emotions but truth be told, they do raise their pointy little heads from time to time, so thank you for listening and for sharing your thoughts.

2. With the time change and mostly lazy, slow-to-get-moving mornings due to Spring Break last week Annelise and I are struggling with re-entry to our regular school morning routine. You know, the whole getting up thing. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

3. Did y'all watch the return of DWTS last night? Or am I the only one who likes the cheese, the glitter and the spray tan? (I know, I need to get a life, but Scott and I enjoy it and we like to poke fun at them too.) Was it just me or did y'all not know any contestants other than Kirstie Alley and Sugar Ray Leonard? Oh, and a 49 year old Ralph Macchio with a highly disturbing comb-over (rug?). It's strange to see him all grown up. And dancing. But the boy's got some moves. I was also highly surprised how well (and fast) Kirstie Alley could dance--she kept up with Max really well (I love him, by the way) and I might just be rooting for her 60 year-old self. And? Not really a surprise, but could the former Pboy girl be any Capital T-Trashier? I think not.

4. I bought a pair of Chuck Taylors today and am beside myself with glee. (I know, get a life, again. And hurry.)

5. What better way to wrap up this random post than with this?
Life is silly.
And oh so fun.
Especially if you are seven.
Or even 42.


  1. Love the new blog header! (Or maybe it's just new to me?)

  2. Thanks Natasha! I was in the mood for a bloggy makeover (but do kind of miss the flamingo).

  3. Oh look, a new blog header! :)

    I love DWTS. Totally agree. I might have to cheer for Miss Kirstie! She was surprisingly good. I was shocked they said she was 60. As for Pboy girl, yeah, not a fan.

  4. LOVE the picture of A....may be my favorite ever of her!!:)

    my son loves chuck taylor's...did his economics weekly report on them last week!

  5. Thanks Silken! I don't know what look she was going for there, maybe silly monkey? :)

    Wouldn't it be fun to have Chucks in all colors of the rainbow? Yes, please.


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