Weekend Glimpses

Our weekend started early when the school called Friday morning with the news that Annelise was running a fever.
Thank goodness for PJs, children & family movies on streaming Netflix, medicine and the novelty of eating her packed lunch on a TV tray.
Did you know that if you go to a banjo & fiddle concert you might come home with blinky teeth? They're highly creepy but of course Annelise loves them.
And? This weekend? She perfected the underarm *noise* (you know the one) followed by collapsing into a heap of hysterical giggles. We are so proud.

Baked a batch of these yummy (and oh so easy) blondies. Try them. Soon. You Must.

(Did I just morph into Yoda?)
Scott did another version of The Never Ending Weekend Yard Work and he and my dad got our teensy weensy garden ready to be planted (no photos yet).

Can you guess what we did Saturday evening?
At first Annelise didn't want to play, since it was our first time and she wasn't in the mood to try new things I guess.
Annelise was the car (Speed Racer), Scott was...wait for it...the Scotty dog and I was the old boot. I know.
Once she got into the groove, meaning she started making money, buying property and hotels, she did not want the game to end. Like ever. I guess when you are seven you do a lot of 180s. We left our game in situ, she's probably winning, Scott is in second and I'm almost bankrupt. So maybe the old boot is appropriate after all.
After church and lunch today Scott found more Never Ending Yard Work to fiddle with, Annelise played outside (today it was *golf* and biking) and I finished my latest book, The Widower's Tale by Julia Glass, which was quite enjoyable.
How was your weekend?


  1. Thanks for the book suggestion! I'll add it to my list. And the yard work. Ah, the yard work. I'm sitting here deciding whether I get up and exercise or go shovel the muck in our street. And here I sit blogging... Choices, choices.

  2. Ok, sorry we didn't get to talk longer last night. BOO! I hope Annelise is all better. Sorry she was sick!

    I love the Monopoly game. Macy would love to play that game with A!

    Glad you got some alone time to finish your book! Lucky dog!

    Let's get together at La Mad's...SOON!

  3. Our weekend was great. Friday night Fish Fry (we're Catholic, it's Lent, obviously fish fry is mandatory) with a great group of families. Saturday sports followed by couples study and dinner out. Oh, and Saturday featured everyone in the house sleeping at the same time! Miracles happen my friend.


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