While We Were Out

Do you remember when Scott and I went to New York City last month? (Every time I type NYC or say it I immediately see the Pace Picante commercial in my brain with the cowboys exclaiming NEW YORK CITY? followed by, "Get a rope." Do y'all know what I'm talking about?)

Do you remember how I blogged obnoxiously extensively about our adventures in an effort to make the experiences *live on*? (By the way, in case you missed them you can still catch up with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and last, but not least Part 5.)

Well, somehow I neglected to blog about the trip from Annelise's point of view. I know, the shame. Now that the end of March is crushing down upon me I feel bugged to finally document this so I can tie it all up with a pretty bow and call NYC 2011 done. (Wait! I still need to print out pictures and scrapbook it all too. Um...better not hold your breath on that.)
We were so grateful for her to be able to stay with my dad and Peggy while we were gone. It was our first time to be away (and that far away) from her so needless to say there were a few tears at our departure. They ferried her to school and such, took her to their *senior* game night, to see the Justin Bieber movie, church and the dollar store, and gave her their undivided attention at all points in between, so she hardly missed us. Smirk.

Along with phone calls we set up a free texting app (the one Scott and I also use, Text Free) on my dad's iPhone so we could text Annelise and she could text us back, of course (which she was SO into, what 7 year-old isn't?). We both texted her off and on each day and usually sent photos of some of the sights we saw.
We also came home with a few souvenirs for her (like the I Heart NY t-shirt and little messenger bag above), the biggest one being a new addition to our family. Sort of.
Remember when I said I went a little crazy in the American Girl store? It's true, I did. I still don't know what came over me. That said, meet Kit:
I have a soft spot for Kit Kittredge, I just love her spunkiness, creativity, and the Great Depression, so it was not hard at all for her and a few of her accessories (along with one outfit for Carly, A.'s just-like-me AG, because we couldn't let her feel left out) to find their way into our suitcase and make the long journey from NYC to TX.

And she made a certain seven year old quite happy.

And that, my friends, wraps up our NYC adventures for good.

I think.


  1. Wow, when I went to NYC, all I got was that lousy t-shirt.

  2. I love her face as she is waiting on the AG doll! I know she had a blast and was spoiled rotten with Pappo and Peggy...they did some really cool stuff!

    I love the texting. We need to get her and Macy set up together to text. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

  3. I love Kit and cried through her movie! if my daughter ever thinks about letting go of her American Girls I will know who to think of....

    my nephews LOVE when I let them text (though it takes them forever since they haven't had much practice!)


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