12 on the 12th {april}

1.) Annelise's breakfast & lunch assembly line. Why don't I make her lunch the night before?
2.) Annelise imitated The Godfather himself Marlon Brando (but she didn't know that).
3.) Time to leave for school.
4.) My much needed morning crack coffee.
5.) A little quiet time.
6.) Got my exercise on! Whoop!
7.) After workout recovery: spinach smoothie.
8.) Hitting the road to get my hairs did.
9.) Supper at the local salad bar.
10.) Bangs. Blond. Discuss.
11.) A little before bedtime reading.
12.) Settled in for DWTS results (lame, I know).

So, how was your 12th? Do tell.

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*Amy had mentioned looking for signs of spring on this month's post. While I missed out on snapping any blooms I did snap (but didn't post it, oops) the temperature reading in the car which read 85. That might be summer in some places (jealous) but I guess that's spring in Texas. Urg.


  1. Oh my, 85F would be so lovely! We're just barely above freezing :) Looks like you enjoyed a lovely and productive 12th :)

  2. Haha love picture #2!
    I watch Dancing with the Stars too!

  3. your hair looks great! (as always) I'm wanting to do something with mine, but.....

    it is getting warm....

  4. i keep hearing about these green smoothies. I am interested in giving it a try. do you have a recipe or is it just spinach?

    love a bit of quiet time before really getting into my day.

  5. I like the new hairdo. I think the bangs look great.

  6. It was 85 degrees? I'm going to cry from jealousy! I do love me a green smoothie, you should share what goes into yours!

    Also, bangs + blond = LOVE. I am always a supporter of bangs.

  7. Love your hair! It's beauuutiful...like you!

  8. Thanks y'all! i'm getting used to the bangs--I think.

    Spinach smoothies are easy and yummy. Here's how I make mine:
    In your blender add
    8oz. plain almond milk (or milk of your choice)
    couple of handfuls of spinach; blend well (it takes a bit)
    add 2T ground flaxseed, banana (or other fruit of your choice) and blend well.



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