Five for Friday

1. Y'all. Annelise is fully embracing her seven year old status, what with collapsing in a fit of giggles at burps (and other noises), making festive armpit music and now that April has officially arrived, April Fool's pranks. Last night before bed she made a list of the *pranks* she is planning (but wouldn't let us see it of course). Oh yes, she did.

I'm fairly worried about what her conduct color status will be by the end of school today.

Early this morning she be-bopped downstairs to tuck this surprise in Scott's planner thingie that he carries to work.
Then she asked me for a quarter, made a quick paper rubbing and later tried to *loan* Scott a paper quarter. She then left this for me behind my coffee cup. I was so startled. Smirk.
She has also been practicing the best way to pull someone's leg by pausing in the middle of calmly talking and then inform them there is a spider on their shoulder. Or something like that.

I feel so sorry for teachers today.

2. Last week, Big Mama asked her readers about their favorite shampoos which led to a few tips about baking soda. That might sound like a stretch, but apparently baking soda can be very clarifying when products build up on our hair. Some people even shared tips about using it to brush their teeth (done that, liked it, FYI) and wash their faces. I decided to give that a whirl.

I sprinkle a bit of baking soda into my palm, squirt some Cetaphil, add a teensie bit of water and then wash my face. It works like a gentle exfoliater and the nifty thing is both Cetaphil and baking soda are CHEAP and available almost everywhere. Try it. I think y'all will thank me.

3. Did y'all see American Idol last night? Are y'all even watching it?

Hello?? (is this thing on?)

I'm disappointed that Naima was sent home, I really liked her funky spirit, creativity and she is a talented performer but her reggae Elton John obviously didn't please the collective masses. I was quite ready to say good bye to Thia though. Yawn. I was also hoping that Stefano would be leaving with her, but I guess all the little girlies are voting for him.

And one more thing, Scott thinks I have flipped my lid but quirky, blindingly smiley Paul is actually growing on me. When he plays the guitar it seems to quench his stage skipping and grounds him a bit more. And I really like his Porter Wagner suit.

4. Have I told y'all my not-so-secret bucket list thingie to be in a flash mob someday? It's true, I do. Somehow, somewhere, someday...maybe it will happen. So of course when I saw the previews for that show Mobbed, airing conveniently after AI, I knew we had to DVR it.

Okay, it was really cheesy. Like curdled. And Howie Mandel stresses me out. BUT, I l-o-v-e Tabitha and Napoleon (NappyTabs on SYTYCD) and the whole flash mob concept.

But I think I'll stick to YouTube videos when I need my flash mob fix.

5. And since all I can seem to talk about is TV (what? am I shallow?) I will close with this.

Last night over supper Annelise said Shazam, like out of the blue, so of course I had to tell her all about one of my favorite TV shows of the super cool 70s, known as SHAZAM. It wasn't until I got to the part about the young super hero guy traveling around in an RV with an elderly man as a sidekick and trying to stop bad guys, that I realized how truly absurd this show was.
What can I say? I was 7 or 8, it was the 70s and I also couldn't get enough of Isis, Sigmund and the Sea Monster and let's not forget this oh-so-realistic with such high-tech special effects 70s classic, The Land of the Lost.
That was quality Saturday morning TV at it's finest, my friends.

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!

***I think I used y'all about eleventy hundred times in this post. Sorry. Hope y'all will forgive me. xoxo


  1. Oh yes, I'm getting April Fooled today non-stop. It's hilarious (can you hear my sarcasm through the blogwaves?) I'm watching Idol! This is my first season in years and it's such an enjoyable thing, especially with the dvr. Mike's even watching on Thursday nights which gives me a great big smile (almost as big as Paul's). His style is growing on me too - I think getting to know his personality more (as a nice guy) is helping. I'm not sure I'd ever buy his album, though. Who do you predict to win?

  2. That Annelise is too cute! I watch American Idol with myhusband every week. That is our together time (weird, I know). Yes, poor Thia was not quite up to AI standards. Too many ballad type songs. I agree with you on Stephano, I wanted him to go a while back. Paul... really like that smile - every time I see him I think I should have worn my retainer a bit longer. I am a Lauren fan, she is too cute!

  3. The April Fools jokes cracked me up! What a funny girl!

    I haev also brushed my teeth with baking soda but have never tried to wash my face with it. Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll try it one day. :)

    And hey, I say y'all all the time on my blog, too. We are from Texas...it's what we do. Y'all, Y'all, Y'all. There.


  4. That A is a real trikster!!! She's a hoot!!!

    As far as AI - We are totally LOVING it! Who would have thunk it?!?!?! I'm a Lauren fan...are you shocked? Jason's all for Casey. In fact, we are about to sit down and watch last night's show, so I'll act surprised to see Naima and Thia get the boot. I'm glad though - they both annoyed me. And I agree, Paul is growing on me too!

    Hope you guys make it out to get strawberries! Love ya!

  5. We love Casey--he's so crazy talented and original--and we like his parents--haha. Scotty is growing--love that deep twang--and I like how he's trying to stay true to his country niche--so far it's working. We really like Lauren (except when she flirts too mch with Steven--skeevy), James when he isn't to much of a trippy rocker, Jacob is so talented too but he creeps me out some.

    I'm SO ready for Stefano to go home! His oversinging and weak attempts (as in cheesy) to *connect* with the audience and the song are annoying.

    And...I LOVE Steven Tyler to pieces.

  6. Land of the Lost!!

    love A's pranks! we were pretty dull around here, not any April Fool's Jokes at all! but I will send you an email I got that I got a kick out of....


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