Five for Friday

Would you be surprised if I told you I had a few random things rattling around in my brain for today's post and now that I am sitting here in front of a blinking cursor they seem to have escaped me.

However I will try to soldier on.

1.) Let's go ahead and express our collective shock and awe over the American Idol results last night shall we? It's nights like that that make me threaten to wash my hands of AI completely. Pia is crazy talented and crazy beautiful so maybe America thought she'd get plenty of votes and therefore didn't vote for her (or withheld their votes out of jealousy at her perfection) and/or oodles of tweenyboppers voted for Stefano based on his puppy eyes and pandering to the camera. Or AI is rigged and this was an effort to create even more hyped up drama (I do like conspiracy theories, but I'm not a nut).

And? American Idol producers? Don't ever, ever, EVER pull a stunt like having Roland Whoever and the TMZ team *chat* with the contestants and then...and THEN...finish things off with having the half-clothed, 89 year-old, freakishly bronzed Iggy Pop scream at me for 3 minutes of my life that I will never get back again.

Oh my eyes! My eyes!

2.) I am in the midst of a hair crisis, a crossroads if you will. Somehow I've managed to let my hair grow to a point that it is not short enough to fix easily and not long enough to pull it back or up when I'm crunched for time. And it's thick and unruly. It takes me forever to blow-dry, then flat-iron and by then I'm a sweaty mess right after my shower, which is so pleasant and not counter productive at all. When ever I reach this crisis point I usually give up and beg my stylist to CUT IT, JUST CUT IT ALL OFF NOW. I'm tired of the angled bob (yawn) and the peek-a-boo highlights (yawn), but I don't know what my options are. More layers and a messy, fringe-y look? Keep the angled bob but shorten it waaay up? Since summer is on its way and I'm committed to more regular exercise (again) I need lower maintenance hair or I might hurt someone.

My appointment is Tuesday so I must come up with an idea soon.

3.) Guess what? I kept my promise and am happy to report I did my TurboFire workouts every day this week so far. Oh yes ma'am, I did.
And I feel pretty good about it too (even though the above post workout photo may not adequately express my level of said excitement).

4.) I've been caught in something of a laundry vortex this week and I now realize it's my own fault. Up until this week I mostly did laundry on one particular day of the week and that was that. Anything needing to be washed waited until laundry day (unless it was critical), tackle it (not that it's crazy with our little family or anything) and be done until laundry day rolled around again as it's prone to do.

For some reason I tried to achieve laundry perfection this week (re: empty baskets or hampers) and found myself messing with laundry all week long. Blech. I'm reinstating laundry day pronto.

5.) Last week I bought a red lipstick (MAC Russian Red, in case you're curious) because at that precise moment I absolutely had. to. have. it. (Do y'all have moments like that?)

So far I've been too scared to wear it in public because both Scott and then Annelise were somewhat shocked by the sight when I tested it out at home.

Isn't that sad?

Oh well.

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!

*What did you think about AI this week?*
*Any hair advice?*
*Are you a laundry perfectionist or a set laundry day(s) type?*
*Red lipstick, yay or nay?*


  1. Hey! I like your new blog layout! Is it new? Or have I been viewing in my reader forever...?

    Anyhoo...I had the same angle bob thing forEVAH and grew tired of it...I just grew my hair out and now I don't know what to do with it...I think I'll try it long, again...

    Laundry is my nemesis.

    LOVE red lipstick! {I don't wear lipstick, but if I did, I would rock red!}

  2. I know this is weird, but I love laundry. I always do my kids' laundry on Thursday night. They wear school uniforms so it makes for easy laundry. And I do my best to get the rest of it done on Fri and Sat. I know, exciting way to spend the weekend but our week is so jammed packed with stuff to do I can't work it in any other day.

  3. I am still inlove with the angled bob! But since my mama does hair I am forever changing styles and colors. My new cut is layered and is short, one side is flipped out and the other is straight. I love bi-level do's so this is perfect right now until I get a hair crossed and need a change, hahah!
    ~Molly P

  4. I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY ABOUT AI!! WHat in the world?

    and my eyes...
    I'm scarred- scarred I tell you!

    It was absolutely appropriate that Constentine (sp?) was on. HE was my favorite his season & I stopped watching out of extreme protest when he got kicked off. (surely it hurt their ratings??)


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