Five for Friday

1.) I was so tickled by my cleverness (cough) when I set this in front of Annelise this morning.

(Please tell me you see my cleverness.)

Annelise however did not. At least not at first. She just grabbed a blackberry and was on the verge on plopping it into her mouth when I stopped her and told her to put it back down and look at her cereal again. She kind of looked at me like I had lost my mind (again) but she complied, dropped the blackberry back into its spot, said something along the lines of, "Oh, you made a smiley face, cute", graced me with a smile of thanks and then picked that exact blackberry up again and ate it.

Oh well, I thought I it was cute.

2.) Last night we went to a little Easter program at Annelise's school which got off to a rocky start. Not the program itself, but our actual getting there. We left our house 25 minutes before it started to make the five minute drive and our early bird efforts were immediately ground to a halt by a train. A loooooong, snail paced train. A train which Scott feared would only block us again at the next intersection a little ways down the road. So, instead of driving 1.5 miles and possibly waiting a few minutes for the same annoying train to pass (my plan) he decided to drive in the completely opposite direction at least 5-10 miles to go around the train, thinking it would somehow be a shortcut.

So instead of being in cheery early bird moods we ended up being white knuckled muttering grumps navigating through evening traffic and an unexpected road closure on two wheels and getting our daughter to her program 10 minutes after her appointed time.

My dad and Peggy, who left their house (two houses down from ours) much later than we did and drove the direct route and weren't stopped by the train at all, were already sitting in the auditorium by the time we got there.

Don't think I didn't give Scott The Look and The Sigh.

Because I did.

And maybe, just to be extra clear, I told him that I was right after all too because I am obviously mature and above rubbing it in.

But Annelise still got to sing with her class (turns out they hadn't got things started quite yet) and we all enjoyed the show.
Even from the back.

3.) In other news I've continued to get my exercise in every weekday (except for Wednesday for some reason) so that's good. And I feel better. However, I must confess I've been dating Ben & Jerry again. One frozen date led to another and to another to where I'm back to craving ice cream at night in front of the TV.

I must subscribe to the false belief that exercise is a permission slip to slack on my diet and that I deserve a reward for a workout or for mostly clean eating. Such a vicious cycle.

4.) Have y'all heard the good news? Set your DVRs, pop your corn and put the kids to bed early because Season 5 of Friday Night Lights, otherwise known as one of the best shows ever, starts tonight on NBC.


Of course I am in complete denial that this is the last (sob) season I'll get to follow the ups and downs of Dillon, Texas and Tim Riggins' jeans.

Thank goodness DVDs are forever.

5.) Hmm...I guess I don't have a #5 after all. I'm sure y'all are relieved.

So put a happy face on your cereal y'all and have a happy, happy weekend!


  1. Can't wait to chat about FNL!!! :) And I think you are super cute with the cereal bowl!

  2. When I was married I do have to say most of our arrivals at church were much like yours at school. Needless to say the grace of the Lord was much needed. haha. Oh....and Tim Riggins....Amen.

  3. Oh how I hate trains. Like with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. I feel your train pain.

    And I love your happy cereal.

  4. I'm so excited for Friday Night Lights! I recorded last week's episode but haven't gotten to watch it yet (what the?!) and now it's time for another episode tonight...what a treat!


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