Goodbye Hermie Jean*

Annelise had quite the shock the other evening when she checked on Hermie (her first *pet* that she got for her birthday). Imagine her surprise when she realized Hermie was no longer in his shell. Imagine the outcry. Imagine the drama. At first we were hopeful that Hermie had moved into the bigger empty shell we'd left in his tank just in case he ever got the urge to check out a new wardrobe.

Sadly, that was not the case**.

Hermie, our faithful, low-maintenance little crabby friend, had given up the ghost. Departed this earthly realm. Punched his ticket. Pushed up daisies. Met his maker. Went toes up (er...make that claws).

Hermie, my friends, had left the building.

Once Annelise got a hold of herself we began the arduous task of planning his er...funeral. She immediately ixnayed my idea of flushing him (no offense to Hermie) so she prepared his remains for a sunset burial the following day.
RIP Hermie
You were a good little crab.

*My apologies to Elton for taking a wee creative license with his classic song.

**I hope no one reports us to Crab Protective Services, but I think we let his tank get too dry (his sponge and seaweed were rather crispy) so a lack of humidity may have led to his early demise. Sorry Hermie.


  1. ...though I never knew you at all, you had the grace to hold your shell, when those around you fall.... So sorry to hear of his passing. Looks like Annelise handled it perfectly. :)

  2. Poor Hermie! He was a sweet little friend. RIP

  3. These pictures are so funny, I love the headstone.


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