Monday Morning Confessions

Well, I guess they're technically afternoon confessions by now.

I need to start keeping a record of my sleeping patterns. Make that my non-sleeping patterns. I woke up again this morning at 2:45, wide awake and so not wanting to be. I usually go ahead and stumble out to the family room to read or watch something on Netflix for an hour or two and then stumble back to bed in the hopes of catching a few more winks (often futile) before the rooster crows.

Even though we don't have a rooster.

I don't know if it's hormones, aging, diet changes, caffeine or what (?!?!) causing this sleeplessness (is it a type of insomnia?) but I just wish I could sleep through the night, even until 5:00 am, I'd be giddy about that right about now.

This weird interrupted sleep pattern usually leaves me feeling groggy and crabby and often with a headache to boot.

But I have finished some more books lately and all of Army Wives.

So there's that.

I tend to think I'm a bit cold hearted and unemotional but man, oh man, Army Wives really tugged on my heartstrings and even made me boo hoo. Now I can catch up with Season 5 (which is airing right now).

This morning, otherwise known as 3:00 A. to the M. and technically the armpit of nighttime, I watched an episode of 24 from its last season. Jack Bauer rocks anytime (but it's certainly not soothing, sleep inducing entertainment by any means).

In other news, our garden is finally showing signs of growth.

However we will just have to be patient for quite a while longer as there have been no sightings of tomatoes, cucumbers, okra or zucchini sprouting forth just yet.

(I always spell zucchini wrong the first time.)

Our little two row garden suffers from feelings of insecurity and inadequacy when it sees the sprawling garden next door.
But our garden bed has an actual rusted iron headboard, a fact of which I'm fairly certain our neighbor's garden is jealous.

Or maybe not.
Wouldn't it be awesome to be 7 and be able to wear a homemade (or school made) crown for no particular reason? Annelise certainly thought so since she hardly took it off Friday (even to HEB and Fuddrucker's).

When loading our cart at HEB after checking out (and bagging my own totes since they were short staffed), I fumbled and spilled our grapes. Annelise and I and a bagger scrambled to pick them up and then the checker proceeded to put them in a plastic bag and hand them back to me. I asked him if I could get another bundle instead since mine had fallen, you know, on the oh so clean floor of the check-out line. He said sure but I sensed hesitation in his voice.

I'm sure produce falls on their floor all the time but I'm not sure what their policy is. I choose to believe that they immediately discard anything that falls and maybe I'm in total denial about the fact they might follow the 10-second rule and toss it right back up with its produce family, ready for the unsuspecting shopper to come along and buy it.

So on our way out I picked up another grape trio bundle but felt a little guilty about it.

Saturday morning my feetsies got some long overdue pampering in the form of a pedicure (my deepest apologies to the nail tech) and my brows, lip and chin (yes, it's true) were finally, um, de-furred. I always get so red and blotchy after waxing, although this Instagram filter toned it all down to a mere pink. Thank goodness.
Instagram is my current favorite iPhone app because of its fun filters, but I still forget to snap photos with it as often as I should or could (kicks self).

We waited until the deadline (postmarked today) to send in our taxes. Whew! That was close. But finally done.

97.2% of the time I think Facebook is a major time suck, waste and silly (but yes, I still *check* it regularly), however on Saturday I thought it was pretty cool. A local boutique posted 25% off their Yellow Box sandals that day only, all you had to do was mention their Facebook special.

So of course these bling-y lovelies had to come home with me later that afternoon.
I know you might think they are just overpriced flip-flops, but not only are they cute and bling-y they are incredibly comfortable and supportive, like you can wear them all day and with everything kind of flip-flops. You should try them. Really.

When Scott asked me how many pairs of Yellow Box shoes I had and if I really needed another pair I told him the truth (six) and (absolutely because this pair is bling-y-er).

He may have sighed and rolled his eyes a bit but ultimately gave up any further protest.

Scott, you are a good man, Charlie Brown.

And yes, those are my camo bermuda shorts from 2007. Why do you ask?

Do you have anything to confess? Go ahead, spill it.


  1. I'm sorry you're waking up at night, that's so annoying. I would have to get out of bed, too, especially when tossing and turning would wake up my husband. Then there'd be more than one crabby person in the morning. Hope it gets better soon.

    Love your flip flops!

  2. Great post- sorry about the sleep woes. I am actually sleeping better than I have in years lately. I have NO idea why??

    Love the flip flops & the garden & the ol' bermudas!
    good stuff

  3. I hate sleep woes! I have been taking half an Ambien since last month's iron-deficiency episode and must say I love the way it knocks me out. I sleep all night and wake up feeling fine.

    I need a pedicure in a major way, but budgetary restrictions won't allow for it. Ugh.


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